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Meet 26-year-old Catalina Lauf, from America’s heartland in Wood­stock, Illinois, who confidently says she will be relentless and uncompromising in protecting the freedoms guaranteed to Americans in the U.S. Constitution.Lauf is a former Trump administration adviser who is running against Democrat Rep. Lauren Underwood in Illinois’ 14th Congressional District.If she wins the race, Lauf would be the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, smashing the record currently held by socialist Ocasio-Cortez, set in 2018.

While Speaking during an interview with The Daily Wire about her candidacy, Lauf revealed that she stands for the American Dream that, she says, is “under attack from the divisive far-left.”When she announced her run last week, her campaign ad that took aim at the identity politics pushed by the Democratic party.

She said, “My mother is a legal immigrant from Guatemala who worked hard to escape poverty, corruption, and war to find freedom and opportunity here in the United States of America.”

Catalina Lauf in her first interview proved to be a very smart young woman who is ready and willing to take America forward.

QUESTION: What inspired you to run for Congress?

CATALINA LAUF: “I am someone who is driven by purpose. I grew up with a profound love of this country, and when I see the other side, particularly young women who are using their platform to stand against everything this country has fought for, including my own representative in Congress, I couldn’t just sit there and watch. Politics is a bloody sport, but I believe so much in what I stand for, and I’m inspired by the men and women past and present who have fought for our freedoms, who have given up far greater than I ever will. This is the minimum I can contribute, and I want to ensure their fight was not for nothing. That starts by preserving our republic and helping us get back on track to where we should be. It is possible! The American Dream is alive and well and people like myself are going to ensure it remains that way.”

QUESTION: As the daughter of a legal Guatemalan immigrant, what do you say to immigrants in the U.S. who listen to organizations like CNN, and believe that the president is racist, and that enforcing immigration law and securing the border is racist?

CATALINA LAUF answered : “The president is not a racist. This type of accusation and rhetoric from those like Lauren Underwood and AOC is destructive to our democracy. I am the daughter of an immigrant. I have seen first-hand what it means to come to this country and go through the process of becoming a legal citizen. I stand with President Trump on securing our border and closing loopholes in our broken immigration system. Those on the Left, Lauren Underwood included, would rather tweet-storm about the president being a “racist” instead of actually coming to the table to get things done.”

She continued, “Their hatred for Trump is blinding their love of country. I love this country. It gave my family a better life. Instead of highlighting American’s hard work, Lauren Underwood and the other extremists push a radical agenda, focused on lawlessness and inciting division and hate. She needs to be stopped. That is why I’m running for Congress. The system is broken and we have to fix it. You don’t like the president’s proposals on how to do so? Fine, show up to work with some ideas and let’s talk through how to fix this together. No one in the Democratic Party has shown they take this issue seriously enough to actually solve it for Americans around the country.”

QUESTION: Will the Democrats increasing embrace of socialist policies work for them on election day?

CATALINA LAUF answered: “Absolutely not. Socialism is a strong contrast to everything that makes America great. But we need to offer the country an alternative, one that will preserve freedom and the promise that is the American Dream. I am confident on Election Day, when voters have a choice between dangerous socialism and hopeful, pro-democracy Republican ideals, they will vote for myself and others around the country who have also stepped up to defend the American Dream.”

QUESTION: How does the GOP respond to some of the issues, like healthcare and student debt, that Democrats propose addressing with these socialist policies?

CATALINA LAUF answered: “We need to make it very clear to voters that the false promises of socialism come with a large price tag and they will be the ones who will foot the bill. Take the Green New Deal – that alone will cost the average American family about $75,000 in its first year alone. Once Americans learn the truth behind the Democrats’ rhetoric, the choice will be very clear. We also need to give them a choice, take these issues with a free-market approach. We need to offer our own ideas on how to tackle ballooning school debt and surprise doctor bills. And we need to be the adults in the room. While AOC and Lauren Underwood spend this Election Cycle calling Republicans racists and sexists, we need to keep moving forward, bringing people together around resolutions, not retweets.”

LET’S show our support for this young lady, and let’s help remove all Democrats from Congress and America will be great again.


  1. They need to judge aoc and her team the squad asap, they don’t even represent their districts, attacking every body that don’t support their lies, fraud, and deceptions, they getting into are areas of govt, that has nothing to do with their districts, they were sent to Congress to better their districts, instead they discussing things that have nothing to do with their districts, they are confused, ignorant, and unlearned, about the government of this great country.

  2. Amen!! I absolutely support this young woman and others like her who stand for freedom, justice and the great American way. Thank God for raising up this new generation of conservatives who believe in and support the people of this country.

  3. Revoke their citizenship and deport them. Or better yet, build a raft on the Atlantic ocean and just set them adrift. Wherever they wind up they wind up.

  4. Absolutely need to revoke the citizenship and deport them to counties of Venezuela, North Korea, China.. They deserve to be in USA. And Bernie Sanders too. He likes socialism that much, go to live in theses countries. Leaving the USA alone, have your socialism dreams out of the USA. Because people, socialism and communism are the same. Best luck to you Catalina!!!

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