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Minnesota Congress woman Rep. Ilhan Omar has publicly declared her support for a notorious organization known for its terrorist leadership and financing of terrorism. But it almost went unnoticed, until the tweet was recently brought to our attention.

The Minnesota Congresswoman has publicly called for the protection of Hormuud. Yet Hormuud Telecom has been mentioned as a sponsor of terrorism, not once, not twice, but several occasions. Hormuud Telecom Somalia Inc. Is a private Somalian telecommunications company founded by Ahmed Nur Ali Jimale in April 2002.
United Nations (UN) Security Council’s Report of the Secretary-General on the situation in Somalia, dated 20 July 2009, contained the following paragraphs involving the activities of Ahmed Nur Ali Jimale, his company Hormuud and his direct support for al-Shabaab, a jihadist militant Islamic terrorist group in the heart Somalia.

“Ali Ahmed Nur Jim’ale (Jim’ale) has served in leadership roles with the former Somali Council of Islamic Courts, also known as the Somali Islamic Courts Union, which was a radical-Islamist element. The most radical elements of the Somali Islamic Courts Union eventually formed the terrorist group known as al-Shabaab.

In April 2010, Al-Shabaab was listed for targeted sanctions by the United Nations Security Council committee established pursuant to resolutions 751 (1992) and 1907 concerning Somalia and Eritrea.

“based on the July 18, 2011 report of the Somalia/Eritrea Sanctions Committee’s Monitoring Group (S/2011/433), Jim’ale is identified as a prominent businessman and figure in the al-Shabaab charcoal-sugar trading cycle and benefitting from privileged relationships with al-Shabaab.”

“Jim’ale is identified as one of al-Shabaab’s chief financiers and is ideologically aligned with al-Shabaab.”
Jim’ale established a front company in Djibouti for extremist activities called the Investors Group in 2007. The short term goal of the group was, through the funding of extremist activities and weapons purchases, to destabilize Somaliland. The group assisted in smuggling small arms from Eritrea through Djibouti into the 5th region of Ethiopia where extremists received the shipment.

Jim’ale established ZAAD in late September 2010, a mobile-to-mobile money transfer business and struck a deal with al-Shabaab to make money transfers more anonymous by eliminating the need to show identification. As of late 2009, Jim’ale had a known hawala fund where he collected zakat, which was provided to al-Shabaab.

Jim’ale also controls Hormuud Telecommunications (“Hormuud”). Hormuud Telecommunications is a company identified as being one of the single largest financiers of al-Shabaab, which includes large lump sum payments to al-Shabaab in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and these payments to al-Shabaab were facilitated by Jim’ale.

Hormuud Telecommunications has funded al-Shabaab and provided them with food, clothing, shelter weapons, private fighters, and ammunition, to name a few.

Moderate Somali groups have through their spoke person warned the Somali people not to use Hormuud Telecommunications Company, because Hormuud personnel listen in on conversations for al-Shabaab, he is a prominent member of al-Shabaab.

United Nations Security Council in 2018 reports reveals that: On 14 October 2017 a large vehicle-borne improvised explosive device exploded killing as many as 582 people. It was the deadliest terror attack in Somalia’s historys.

The report says, “Two employees of the principal Somali telecommunications provider, Hormuud Telecom Somalia Inc., were also prosecuted in connection with the attack, for facilitating the entry of the large vehicle-borne improvised explosive device through the Sinka Dheere checkpoint on the outskirts of Mogadishu.”


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