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Conservative watchdog groups have called for an ethics probe into Minnesota Congresswoman Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. Alleged affair with a political consultant and her alleged misuse of campaign funds and other fraudulent acts.

National Legal and Policy Center which is a charity organisation that promotes ethics in government and public life filed a complaint on Aug. 28 with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against Omar “alleging that she and her campaign violated the prohibition on the personal use of campaign funds by reimbursing political consultant Tim Mynett for his travel in 2019, a man which Ilhan Omar is allegedly having an affair with.

The complaint alleged that the Minnesota Congresswoman and her campaign did not itemize the travel reimbursements as required. It said Omar did not report Mynett as the payee but reported E Street Group his consulting firm.

One copy of the complaint provided by the National legal and policy center said: “Ilhan Omar for Congress reported disbursements totally $222,838.38 to E Street Group, LLC. Another $7000 was reported as disbursed to Tim Mynett on July 11, 2018.”

The complaint also mentioned that Mynett’s wife filed for divorce on the 19th of August.

From the divorce filling “Defendant’s more recent travel and long work hours now appear to be more related to his affair with Rep. Omar than his actual work commitments.

Mrs Mynett mentioned in the filing that her husband made a “shocking declaration of love” for Omar. Wow.

Judicial Watch, has called for an ethics probe against Omar. “It looks like on the surface that she used campaign finance funds to benefit her paramour,” said Tom Fitton, the head of the group, according to reliable sources.

Judicial Watch had earlier hand-delivered an ethics complaint to Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Office of Congressional Ethics David Skaggs, according to a press release on July 23.

The judicial Watch complaint is based on a three-year investigation carried out in the United States and the United Kingdom by an investigative reporter and his team and alleges Omar married her biological brother, Ahmed Elmi.

“Rep. Omar’s conduct may include immigration fraud,” Judicial Watch said in its release. “It appears that Rep. Omar married her brother in order to assist his emigration to the United States from the United Kingdom.”

“The same immigration fraud scheme may have aided Mr. Elmi in obtaining federally-backed student loans for his attendance at North Dakota State University,” the release continues. “Mr. Elmi and Rep. Omar simultaneously attended North Dakota State University and may have derived illicit benefits predicated on the immigration fraud scheme.”

The Minnesota Congresswoman has dismissed questions about her alleged affair with a married man and potential campaign finance violations.

Reporters asked Congresswoman Omar During an official appearance at a north Minneapolis grocery store on Aug. 29, “Congresswoman, why are you dodging these questions?”

Ilhan Omar answered, “Because they’re stupid questions,” “Do you understand what ‘no comment’ means?”
Ilhan Omar’s aides then physically kept the reporters away from her.


  1. Why do an ethics probe? She is guilty, and should be indicted and convicted. Deport the witch and her entire family.

  2. To Ilhan Nuur Said Elmi: Today’s vocabulary lesson is on the word “accountability.” Can you say “accountability?” It means that when you accept a job in the United States Congress, you MUST answer to your ‘bosses’ (all 320,000,000 of us!)…
    So even though you think it’s “none of our business” who you’ve been screwing, you are WROOOONNNG!!
    It really is beginning to appear that you’re not really a very good fit as a citizen of the USA, and you ESPECIALLY have NO business working for us in Congress.
    So, how about you pack up your stuff, and we’ll buy you a one-way plane ticket to wherever you wanna go in the world?
    We’ll even keep paying you until November 2020! C’mon, GO for it!

  3. That’s is a stupid help to a criminal, so if Omar create a mass killing in USA you still going to offer her an airplane ticket so she can hide in any part of the world? Are you dumb?

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