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Hamza bin Laden, one of notorious al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden who is also a well known figure in the notorious abd ferocious militant group, was killed in a recent US counterterrorism operation, said President Donald Trump.

In a recent statement issued by the White House on Saturday, president Trump acknowledged that the operation took place in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region but he did not offer further details.

President Trump also said, “The loss of Hamza bin Ladin not only deprives al-Qa’ida of important leadership skills and the symbolic connection to his father, but undermines important operational activities of the group,”

A US official reported that Hamza Bin ladin had been killed months ago near the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Trump was briefed on the operation recently to ease the pains of families of the 9/11 attacks.

It is believed that Hamza who is about 30 years old, had succeeded his father Osama Bin ladin as the head of what remains of al-Qaeda, the official said. Osama bin Laden was killed by US forces in 2011 in a retaliation fir the September 11 bombing of the world trade center and Pentagon which killed over 3000 people.

Hamza was at his father’s side in Afghanistan before the Septmber 11 attacks on the US. He also spent time with his father in Pakistan after the US-led invasion of Afghanistan pushed much of al-Qaeda’s senior leadership there, this according to reports from top military officials.

Hamza was designated as a global terrorist by the US State Department in 2017 after he called for acts of terrorism in Western capitals and threatened to take revenge against the United States for killing his father Osama Bin ladin.

It was recently reported that US officials believed Hamza had been killed. But Trump’s statement represented the first time the US government had confirmed the successful operation.

It was not actually clear why the White House decided to publicise information about Hamza’s death months after he was killed, but sources say it’s because of the 9/11 remembrance day.

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