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Senior Federal Bureau of Investigation officials are planning to release serious leaked documents in an attempt to further brig down FBI Director Christopher Wray who was previously under the radar, but have now been exposed exposed to have used the power of his office to block thousands of outstanding documents that can be used to indict his predecessor James Comey (who was the worst FBI Director ever) and other corrupt FBI employees from being exposed, he has therefore hindered swift justice from being carried out.

Fox news Sean Hannity said, “What has Wray done to hold Comey accountable? Nothing. What about McCabe, Baker, Strzok, and Page? Mr.” Wray, it’s high time you did your job and stop playing with the lifes of patriotic Americans.

Fox news host Sean Hannity also said that, he doesn’t see Director Wray doing a single thing to clean up the upper class of the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI). Which is his job, But he failed woefully, he rather see the downfall of president trump than pursue the real criminals.

All this is part of plans to defame trump who has been a major obstacle to their evil plans to run America to the ground.

Christopher Wray is serving as the eighth and current Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation since the year 2017. He has also served as the assistant attorney General to the federation who was in charge of the criminal division in president George Bush Tenure from the year 2003 to 2005. He was also made a litigation partner with the law firm King & Spalding from 2005 to 2016 which he used as a platform to promote his fraudulent plans against well meaning Americans.

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