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Speaker of the United States House of representatives Madame Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic party are now proven masters at creating problems and blaming Republicans for the after effects of their actions. They have a lot of help and supports from America’s fake news media. But President Trump has become too hot to handle for them, that’s why they are looking for any means possible to remove Trump from office so their dubious plans to run America down will succeed.

The president of the United States of America Donald Trump in his latest tweet went all out against Nancy Pelosi, saying that he can’t believe that Nancy Pelosi’s District in San Francisco is in such a horrible Terrible shape, that the City itself is in violation of many environmental & sanitary lay down rules and regulations, this violations means they are owing the Country Billions of dollars.

Adams Schiff and Nancy Pelosi has finally lost it, fake news CNN and other fake news media have pushed them to their grave, the Trump impeachment idea was definitely not their choice, they where pushed by the fake news media. See where it has goten them, absolutely nowhere.

But all the left can think of is finding a way to impeach a working president. If we don’t work together to clean up this mess, wastes and homeless sites, the whole city will rots away. This bad conditions has also affected the Pacific Ocean and water supply. Now Nancy Pelosi must be held accountable fir the mess until she turns her District around. Nancy Pelosi has been feeding on the lies of Adams Schiff which is hurting the nation of America badly.

Speaker Pelosi Pelosi has not really done her job, this shows on the state of her District, the only thing Democrats do now is to see the end of president trump. They no longer care about the welfare of the average Americans. Something must be done about this this before we all suffer for their heartless actions.

No Americans should suffer because of sone selfish Democrats trying to sabotage the efforts of our able president Trump, enough is enough.


  1. Nancy Pelosi is a bitter old alcoholic who can’t function properly. She should be impeached. California, shut her up.

    1. Totally agree that she is bitter old………….had no idea that she was an alcoholic. Perhaps that is the reason she slurs her words so often

  2. ALL these democrap run cities are in shambles….. Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, and on and on and on….WAKE UP PEOPLE YALL ALWAYS TALKIN BOUT BEING WOKE BUT YOU’RE SOUND ASLEEP

  3. The writer of this article has a rudimentary grasp on the grammatical rules of the English language. Please use more literate writer in the future because this was tortuous to read.

    1. I believe the word you were looking for is Torturous not “tortuous.” Correcting someone else’s grammar when yours isn’t up to par. ‍♂️
      Another self made internet connoisseur and expert takes an “L.”

      1. Well thank fuck for you Ralph. Where would we be if we didn’t have the likes of you around to follow your example. Please grade my reply and leave any suggestions in the top left corner in red ink.

  4. [THEIR] end game agenda is too make satanic worship and pedophilia normal in our society,,,if ya dont believe that,,,your saddly mis-informed ,,,go Q!!!!

  5. When my friends lie they are not true when the government lies the must be held accountable nancy shift must go to a safe space episteens cell is ava8

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