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Adam Schiff is leading the Democrats partys witch hunt of president Trump and he’s has so far done a great job done by proving the president didn’t do anything wrong, all his efforts to impeach the President of the United States so far has proven abortive.

Judging from the results of the impeachment hearing and evidence guarded in previous weeks, we have come to the knowledge that Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adams Schiff’s team has very troubling ties to the alleged whistle-blower who filed a complaint in August against Trump over his July 25 phone call with the Ukrainian president Zelensky.

Adams Schiff have seriously lied to the entire country including you, it’s high time we did something about it, a word is enough fir the wise, sign the White House petition below and maje him pay…

A bombshell report from Breitbart have revealed that Adams Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee has at least two staffers with ties to a think tank partially funded by Burisma Holdings, which is a corrupt Ukrainian energy company that paid an obscene amount of money to Vice Hunter Biden, while Joe Biden was the vice president and serving as the Obama administration’s point man for anything concerning a Ukraine

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman purposely refused to fully disclose his staff’s contact with the so called whistle-blower who is the brains before the inquiry.

The reports from Breitbart shows that Adams Schiff that Schiff aides Abigail Grace and Sean Misko previously served on the National Security Council alongside Eric Ciaramella, and both of them worked at the White House at the same time as him.

The whistle-blower is widely believed to be CIA official Ciaramella who filed a complaint in August regarding Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky sometime in July. Misko and Ciaramella have been proven to have a close and serious friendship.

Misko witnessed the signing on the Democrat-run panel about the same time the whistle-blower filed a complaint over President Donald Trump’s Zelensky call.

In 2015, Misko was a millennium fellow for the Atlantic Council, a think tank partially funded by the Ukraine oil and gas industry Burisma Holdings, which has become infamous for its connection to joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. And he is the second Intelligence Committee staffer to have ties to the Atlantic Council, based on Breitbart reports.

Please click the link below and sign this white house petition to jail and indict adams shiff, for her has done enough damages already, enough is enough, the earlier we do something about ot the better for the whole country.





    1. You do mean hang Trump right? Because it is Him and everyone around him that are committing crimes! Just look at his last lawyer and about 15 others that already went to prision!! As well as a bunch more that are being investigated now..come on..wake up!!

      1. Keep drinking that grape flavored Kool-Aid you’re doing alright libtard Donald Trump’s going tobe reelected in 2020 better get on board or you going to be lost behind keep reading MSNBC CNN for all that fake news writing for all your daily lies

      2. Obama fired his whistleblower no investigation that was over the fast and furious of gun-running to Mexico. Clinton destroyed all her evidence no investigation which in all the new information coming out she paid for the investigation into the president so who needs to wake up here I think it’s you.
        I think maybe you who are for impeaching President Trump, needs to actually pay attention to the evidence and not to the news.
        and just for your information The whistleblower had secondhand knowledge when they made the complaint and shift gave him the whistleblower privilege which allowed him more abuse of the fisa court to do more spying which he is not constitutionally authorized to do

    2. Google “Irony ” fuckhead….also…give “Fake news” a look … YOUR president is a crook…scamming, self serving swamp trash. You and your ignorant trash friends enable him. YOU are responsible.

      1. Responsible? For? A great president who actually follows the law to get and keep illegals out regardless of sympathetic sissy ass men who want to screw there own kind whining and throwing tantrums like lil kids do! That huy happens to be the president and he’s doing everything right in my view of how it should be. No sweet talking or friends with all just in your face f off liberals and watch what were capable of!yeah wete responsible for that man,what you got! A scrawny salesman in Wolf’s clothing doing everything trumps accused of but being loved for it because he’s a “black” man. Please,go find your binkie and go to sleep…… permanately if possible for us would you lil snowflake.

      2. Don’t worry Robbie everything’s going to be alright cheap drinking that grape flavored Kool-Aid Here Comes Donald Trump ready to bend you liberals right over it stick it to you long and hard without any lube just the way you like it now go hug your life size blow-up big-eared Muslim Obama doll he’ll make everything alright for you

    3. Hang yourself for being so stupid to believe fake news the bottom line is no matter who knows who their all into politics and run in the same circles so of course they all know each other but that doesn’t excuse the fact that the president of United States committed bribery treason and a host of other crimes and needs to be in prison

      1. You need to be in prison for thinking the manner in which you do it is criminal in nature for you to believe that you’re big-eared Muslim Obama was a saint the guy’s a lowlife piece of garbage just like most you liberals you people are hateful and angry and it’s been seen and shown since prior to 2016 now assume the position grab your ankles because Here Comes Donald Trump and he’s sticking it to you liberals long and hard without any lube just the way you like it now remember come November 2020 you vote Donald Trump and you’ll feel a lot better about yourself as a human being

    4. Hang Trump for TREASON! TRUMP is the liar , the con man , the one who doesn’t honor his oath of office . TRUMP is nothing more than a misogynistic prick who had sold out America to Putin ! WORST POTUS EVER!!

    1. You took the misspelled words right out of my mouth. The content is great, but the message may not be taken as seriously as it should, and it’s because of the horrifying grammatical and punctuation errors! Makes me wonder if this guy didn’t slay the English language intentionally to send a grammatically skewed message to the folks that want justice..

    2. Excatly! Some immature idiot that seems to be blind to all TRUMPS CRIMES! MY GOD! WHEN ARE REPUBLICANS GOING TO WAKE UP AND USE THEIR BRAINS!!

      1. Has anyone else noticed everything the dems have accused President Trump of doing is the exact same crimes they themselves have committed?

      2. Wake up??!! You were the ones that are asleep what you need to do is lay off the grape flavored Kool-Aid deflate your life size blow up big-eared Muslim Obama doll and come back to reality Donald Trump’s here to stay he’s going to be re-elected in 2020 it’s a fact stop reading and listening to CNN and MSnc in the meantime get a cup of hot cocoa go sit in the corner and pick up your favorite coloring book

    3. I couldn’t agree with you more sir some grammar and spelling errors but but I could care less because it’s sticking it to you scumbag liberal I love Donald Trump I love everything he does I could care less if he goes to the middle of an intersection and starts popping off people I’d still vote for him even if he shot me a great American doing great things he tells it the way it is and then follows up Unlike liberals who are two-faced scumbags lying cheat every chance they get now go hug your life size blow-up big-eared Muslim Obama it’ll make you feel all better and have yourself a hot cup of Coco and then sit down and pick up your coloring book

  2. People were wondering if we can survive this world. Some people have good points, but we have not gone “too far” to be saved; our “cup of iniquity is full”; now we know how wicked we are. IF we do not believe the word of God in the Bible, we would get caught in a great deception, and would not make it to the glorious kingdom. The first point of not believing the gnashing of teeth coming from God means he has not understood Leviticus 26 which explains the laws of our world. Obey and get rain in due season, healthy vegetation for man and beast, good health, freedom with God growing all our needs, instead of great technology and government systems which bind us to a lifetime of education and employment to pay for “equality.” as we continue to want to be better than others. If we refuse or ignore our Creator’s wisdom, we get 4 x 7 curses UNTIL, UNTIL, UNTIL we turn back to Him in true repentance with all our heart, not straddling the modernity with all its pollution and inequality. Faith and hope and patience is our healing of cancer etc; we cannot make doctors and tests and technology our gods; they are the temptation to disbelieve the power of our Creator.

    We must believe the promises of God and the testimony and revealing of the powers of Christ, to see how one fully giving himself to God can live. We don’t want to stay stuck in the lifelong education-employment system that can only continue our bondage. We are at the point where the “wise men” of the world KNOW they have no solution, and that they are getting caught in their own trap, they and their children and grandchildren. The Bible says that the publicans and sinners will enter the kingdom of God before church people. God wants a one world government WITH His written wisdom for the government, not going to the left or right; but having forgiveness for our past ignorance through the blood and promises of Yahushua-Jesus Christ. They ARE HEARING this message and the promise is, EVERY KNEE shall bow and accept the Gospel to the glory of our heavenly father.

  3. It doesn’t matter if he was shifts boyfriend. Having a connection to the person uncovering corruption is completely irrelevant to wrongdoing.

    1. The connection is totally relevant because it supplies a motive for a cover up. Impeach Trump in order to cover up the crimes of the Democrats, more specifically those Democrats who have a connection to those crimes and are therefore pushing the hardest for impeachment.

  4. Wow what a complete and utter piece of crap article. Junk propaganda. You can’t even spell his name, let alone form a sentence. This page has been reported for being a crock of shit.

  5. It has been 3 years now starting inauguration day regarding impeachment. Have the democrats done anything important yet that would help our country, if so, please name one thing?

    1. If you actually tried looking into it on your own for five damn seconds instead of just taking whatever cable news spoon feeds you, you’d see that both parties do in fact do a great many things that have nothing to do with impeachment or whatever Trump is mindlessly yammering about at any given moment. Unfortunately like so many people in this country you’re just another outrage-addicted moron. Please do not vote.

      1. Yeah and 64 million American voters are wrong? Get your head out of your ass, turn off CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC and wake up the dems haven’t done anything for Americans except pad their pockets, ask sleepy slow Joe and the Clinton Cartels.

          1. Oh you’ve asked them all?? Could you please do us all a favor and stop drinking the grape flavored Kool-Aid and the weed no go to the corner and get your life-size a blow up Obama doll and give it a big hug o and don’t forget your coloring book and a cup of hot cocoa

  6. Big waste of my time reading this bs! Trump claims “unfair, biased and witch hunt” and yet refuses to testify, to allow others subpoenaed to testify, refuses to turn over documentation and records, doesn’t sound like the actions of someone who’s innocent to me! Hiding the truth, as usual

    1. Are you still here I thought I told you to get in the corner with your coloring book and cup of hot cocoa you’re the one lying to yourself lay off the CNN and the MSNBC do yourself a favor educate yourself about the liberal Democratic party and their agenda and then you’ll feel better about yourself as a human being it’ll be like a lightbulb going off inside that little pea brain of yours okay have a nice day and don’t forget vote November 2020 the great Donald Trump

  7. This is pure unadulterated propaganda. If he’s innocent, allow all to testify, release documents, and he could even go under oath. Reason, he knows if they talk scared and gullible people would see him for what he is, a deeply selfish person who is playing on their fears and insecurities for his own gain. The whitle blower is irrelevant if all he has said has been birn out in testemony of others. If they are wrong send in the witnesses to prove it. Pompaio, Milvanie, Barr, they say he’s not doing anything wtong, go under oath and prove it.

    1. The problem is sweetie pumpkin pie is that the Whistleblower is getting his information from somebody else so if we’re going to do this properly let’s swear in the person that actually heard the telephone conversation between the two people how about that that would work what do you think??? Oh yes if I never hear from you again which would be great lay off the grape flavored Kool-Aid and maybe go hug your life size blow-up big-eared Muslim Obama doll get yourself in the corner with a nice cup of hot cocoa and your coloring book and you’ll feel all warm inside and thinking straight

  8. I don’t understand the defense of a president openly asking foreign countries for help getting elected. It’s like Trump supporters don’t realize that’s wrong. And seriously, can they not recognize foreign propaganda either? Sad!

  9. I thought the article was pretty bad considering all the grammatical and spelling errors. It looks as though it was written by a drunken teenager. Then I got to the comments and realized the article was nowhere near as bad as the bullying and name calling. What is wrong with you people? Telling people to kill themselves and talking about democrats getting fucked in the ass without lube?!?! This is disgusting behavior and one of the main problems in this country. The problem is our president condones this adolescent, yet vicious attacks on people who disagree with him. Everyone is equally entitled to their opinion and just because someone’s opinion differs from your own does not give you the right to viciously attack them. We have children as young as 8 years old committing suicide because of bullying, because of mean kids telling others to just kill themselves!! Now I see where they get it from. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves. It’s just appalling.
    It is not Adam Schiff’s fault that our president tried to bribe Ukraine’s president to announce investigations into Biden, Burisma, and the 2016 elections using $391 million as leverage. It’s not Schiff’s fault that the president got caught being a crooked politician. The whistleblower was just doing his job when calling the July 25th phone conversation between Trump and Zelensky into question. When Zelensky asks for Javelins and Trump’s response was to tell him he needed a favor, that was inappropriate and should’ve had attention brought to it. The fact is Donald Trump has committed an impeachable offense. It really doesn’t matter who the whistleblower is or who he knew. What matters is he did his job and called out a phone conversation that was not appropriate. All you people who are name calling, bullying, and claiming Trump is innocent, ask yourselves one question. If it were Obama who all the evidence points to bribery and extortion, would you still be saying there was no impeachable offense. With all the evidence that’s been presented against Trump had been presented against Obama, would you all say he is innocent?

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