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The long wait has finally ended, Adams Schiff has finally met his match, meet the The brave man set to remove Adams Schiff out of office. Here is what Jennifer Barbosa thinks of Adams Schiff.

Jennifer Barbosa independent who is challenging Rep. Schiff said that The House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has been her congressman since 2012. And Adams Schiff became a congressman through the redistricting process.

Barbosa also said that Adam Schiff is wasting federal funds trying to impeach President Trump funds that’s should be used to better the life of poor and hungry Americans, and his state continues to suffer from an unprecedented homelessness crisis. This the highest height of wickedness, for a man in such position to miss use funds meant for the progress and sustainability of his people.

Barbosa continued that, Since the House Intelligence Committee Chairman became his congressman he has not presented any reasonable legislation that became an actual law. The only thing Adams Schiff has done about the homelessness situation in his state is basically rubber-stamped Maxine Waters’ bill to deal with homelessness, and maxine waters bill is just the same thing as the failed policies that Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti has implemented in the City over the past few years but has come to nothing so far.

Barbosa also continued by calling them out for not doing the job the where voted to do. He also Suggested the perfect thing the best thing to do to curb the homelessness situation, which is, we need to stop allocating federal funds for affordable housing which costs $500,000-700,000 per unit and really focus on mental health services for the people who are living on the streets of LA. Barbosa has proven worthy to replace this lowlife Adams Schiff for the better.


    1. Neither the writers nor the posters in this forum can form a clear sentence or spell. What a pitiful commentary on all of you. But then, look you are supporting — Donald Trump, who suffers from the same problem. And you’re in favor of defeating the intelligent, knowledgeable, articulate Adam Schiff! Ha! What a joke!

      1. SCHIFF IS THE JOKE..I cannot stand him as vehemently as you hate President Trump! I hope somebody’s gonna take this idiot down..good lord..but he’s such a drama queen!! Wasting everyone’s time and money on something’s that
        is never gonna pass the Senate anyway..i!!! Trump will win another 4 years the dems and the libs can whine’s futile.

        1. You are a fucking moron just like trump and all his other deplorable assholes! He’s a goddamned criminal and you idiots put him in the whitehouse, how stupid is that!

          1. Lol , you’re kidding right… Deplorables….try looking in a mirror… President Trump has been investigated by the FBI and 13 Dumocratic Lawyers for over two years, and another year by a different investigation… and not one single crime was found…. Only lies and Slander. The Dumocrats are the real criminals…. Most of them are doing corrupt businesses in Ukraine. That’s the real reason they don’t want Trump to investigate Ukraine. But the Dumocratic Deplorables are too blind in their Hatred to see the TRUTH. Wake Up People…The Dumocrats are lying to the American people, and the Corrupt Media is covering for them. Some people are just too dumb, or too hateful to see the truth… Very sad… Everything the Dumocrats say President Trump is doing, They are themselves are Guilty of…. So try looking in a mirror….There you will see the truly deplorable! So sad. The Dumocrats and the corrupt Media are dividing the country with their Evil and Hatred and blaming the President… How stupid are you, if you can’t see that… Very sad!!!
            God Bless America and God Bless our President
            Drain the Swamp!!!

        2. How much money is Trump wasting on golf trips? How many people connected with Trump’s campaign, inauguration, and Cabinet are either indicted, convicted and awaiting sentencing, in prison or, in the case of his Cabinet, have had to quit due to ethics violations? If you read the Mueller Report, you would know that Mueller did not exonerate him and brought in more money than was spent on the Mueller Report, mostly from Manafort alone. Have you watched Jim “shirt sleeves” Jordan make a fool of himself? Trump is the joke. He’s an embarrassment, a pathological liar and asked for help from a foreign country for aid on a political rival. Whether it passes the Senate or not, it’s a crime. Schiff is doing his job and not acting like an ass , which is more than I can say about the Republicans. When did the law and order party turn into a three ring circus. The GOP have turned into the party of Trump. Russia interfered in the 2016 election and are continuing to do so, right up to the 2020 election. His family scammed their own charity. He’s not fit for office, but that doesn’t matter to his supporters, blindly following their Dear Leader. The Democrats will not change the minds of the Republicans anymore than the Republicans will change the minds of the Democrats. The loser is America. I just can’t understand,how it’s fine for Trump to take money allocated for Veterans and education. Mitch McConnell is blaming the impeachment inquiry for getting nothing done. There are over 400 bipartisan bills sitting on his desk that he has refused to bring to the Senate floor. He said , as if it were a big joke “Just consider me the Grim Reaper”, McConnell’s hubris is astounding. Why do you think it’s fine for Trump to not pay taxes, or triple the deficient, that he was going get rid of in 8 years? As if this wasn’t enough, aren’t you even a little concerned about his mental stability? He’s devolving ,slurring his speech and doesn’t make sense in any of the rantings at his rallies. He was always lying and making ridiculous statements, but he’s really off the rails, now. The question should be , are you more concerned about your country or what you can personally gain ? I think Trump has proven that he’s more concerned for himself and the GOP just want to keep their cushy jobs, even if they lose their reputations and sell their souls to a very sick individual. But, remember that the biggest issue is that Obama wore a tan suit.

      2. Oh my god, thank you for saying it so I didn’t have to. I’m reading that article and the author kept on referring to Barbosa as “he” or “him” and the prepositions are all over the place. It’s like it was written by a third grader whose parents are a fan of Barbosa, but hate Schiff and they got highlights of some of their conversation.

      3. Notice how libtards always try to set themselves up as highly educated intellectuals, by nitpicking spelling mistakes on what is really just hastily written texting type comments.
        Their political philosophies have demonstrably failed all over the world…..all they’ve got left is stupid, petty spell-check nitpicking.

      4. Id rather have a hillbilly that tells the truth and gets done what is promised, than an overly educated anti trump do nothing!
        Liberals yet to understand the average voter.

        1. I think I understand.
          Let’s see, you want a pussy grabbing narcissistic lying felon dictator wannabe to be your beacon of truth and the inspiration for what america should be. That makes no sense whatsoever and I don’t think so.
          Get your head out of fox channels ass and seek the truth!

        1. Another trump supporting asshole. My God how many stupid people live in this country? People wake up look into things for yourself and if you have any intelligence you will see what a conman and faker he really is. He acts like an 8 year old. By the way now over 14,000 lies since taking office.
          Where’s my john wilkes booth?

      5. Wow, someone defending the lying piece of crap Shiff. That butt hole is as corrupt as they come. Anyone who stands behind that creep is of questionable character as well.

  1. Schiff should be hung but we know that won’t happen, but we can give him the biggest dumbass award of the century and put him in jail for being the dumbest fuck since Nancy Peee o siliy

  2. Our government is corrupt. The swamp is undrainable. President is being smeared with dirty mud. his hands and feet are being chained. We won’t see justice.

  3. Adam Schiff think he is above the law and he is untouchable.
    Adam Schiff must be punish because he is causing confusion to the American people and wasting taxpayers money.

  4. Sorry to tell this writer and all supporters of Donald Trump that you are a bunch of real deplorable people. Your ignorance is so apparent. And you are oblivious to any semblance of truth. This opinion piece is just plain trash. Get out of this trumpism cult before you destroy both the democracy and the human dignity Americans should offer the rest of the world. God help us all before Trump and the Republican Party/Fox News make America hate again and again and again…

  5. The criminal is in the White House. Trump works for Putin. Are you Trump supporters too stupid to realize your Master in the WH is a Traitor to this Country? Or don’t you care that you support a traitor?What does that make you? I would say traitors too. Most of this once great Country (before Trump destroyed our alliances and power and gave it to Putin) know that he spits on our Constitution every day and his oath of office. God Speed Adam. We don’t need traitors in our WH.

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