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‘Why are they hiding the stuff from us?’ this is a question from representative Doug Collins, who said Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee would have House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff testify in their president Trump impeachment hearing and Doug also claimed that the grounds for the Adams Schiff fuelled impeachment investigation were skewed against the president Donald Trump.

Collins said on Sunday that If Adams Schiff chooses not to testify, then everything in his report are just made up propaganda to tarnish the image of president Trump.

The impeachment reports are expected to be released on Sunday by The Intelligence Committee, If the committee votes Tuesday to approve the findings, the Judiciary Committee will begin hearings on the fourth of December to draft articles of impeachment. Collins is the ranking Republican on the Judiciary panel, and he is ready to Shred Democrats and their witnesses with ease.

While speaking during an interview on Fox news, Rep. Collins complained vehemently that Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler gave Republicans on his committee an unrealistic timeline to digest the findings of the Intelligence Committee’s report, Time which is not even enough to brush your tooth. The Republican also said Nadler gave them until Friday to present a list of witnesses to testify, which he said was too soon after the expected release of Adams Schiff’s fake and dubious findings.

Collins asked angrily why Adams Schiff and his partners in crime are hiding the stuff from everyone. He continued that If they think they have such a case, give us all the materials and don’t let Jerry Nadler write a crazy letter that says on the 6th, it’s better we all know, but We don’t even have the information from the Intel Committee yet. This is why this is a problematic exercise and Wednesday will turn up to be a TV show.

Recent evidence from Constitutional scholars had found Trump did not commit impeachable offenses. Even former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. The Mueller probe, however, dealt with ties between the Trump campaign and Russia and was unrelated to the actions under investigation presently by the House.

Collins also said that this whole charade by the Democrats is a total and complete waste of America’s Time and Resources.


  1. This piece of shifft is nothing but a clown.personally i think he’s a very sick individual.He thinks nothing of wasting tax payers money while his own jurisdiction go’s to pot.Get him out of congress before he has a chance to ruin this country.We the people are sick and tired of the Dems bullshit!!!

    1. Amen brother. Since those silly bastards seem to be untouchable I guess the Patriots and people that care about this country will have to get rid of them. And never let them be in charge of anything again. We will lose our freedom and our country.

    2. Adam Schitt should be REQUIRED to pay back the $50+million dollars it cost for this Adam Schitt garbage,the tax payer takes it in the ass hard enough as it is with government WASTE!!.

    3. Shift needs to be removed from his position. He’s done nothing but fabricate a bunch of non sense & waste everyone’s ones time. This is a total abuse of power & it’s all on our dime. This crap should have been thrown out weeks ago. It’s a fckn joke just like Adam Shit. How much longer are they going to allow the Dems to waste American tax payers money.

  2. Why is the word ‘President’, before President Trump’s name, in your article, NOT capitalized? Very disrespectful. What an ass.

  3. I believe, when “Schifty Scumbag Schiff” and other dem reprobates are forced to testify – during a Real Senate Trial – the MSM’s will have seizures. Because, they’ll be forced to tell the truth about this “Impeachment Scam”!
    Get your popcorn and refreshments ready folks, it’s gonna get interesting’

    1. Justice demands to hear from both sides. Nobody can hide behind evil, evil or wickedness will never deliver the one who practice it. It’s a matter of time. Shalom

  4. I believe that the people at the top of the Dems are worried that they’re going to be next, and that’s why they’re trying to shut Trump up because they are all guilty of having their pea Pickers and what was going on over there back when Obama was in office. And furthermore what were they all worried that Trump might find out… what extremely bad dirt… what is there that we might have found out… If Biden and his son are guilty then why is obiden even allowed to run for president. If he’s innocent of what he was charged with a few years ago then why is he so worried about Trump checking up on him … has anybody thought about that. I don’t hear anybody talking about it on the networks… go figure

  5. See our God at work:
    Exodus 14:14 “The Lord shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace.”:
    In the Democrats’ impeachment effort against President Trump to protect Joe Biden from investigation, after Vice President Joe Biden admitted doing exactly what the Democrats are accusing President Trump of doing, Democrats have just insured that Democrat Joe Biden should not be a Democratic candidate for president. All the Constitutional experts and witnesses are in agreement; Joe Biden is guilty and not worthy to be president, by his own testimony on television; no further evidence against him is needed.

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