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Nadler the House Judiciary Committee Chairman explained told CNN news this Sunday that the State of the Union why he rejected requests from Republican members of his committee for a day of hearings with their own witnesses, which is something that the entire country is not taking likely because Democrats are delaying the truth from coming out.

The House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler said that, he actually said no to the list of witnesses demanded of him by the House Judiciary Committee Republicans because, they are irrelevant, he continued that the House Republicans can appeal to the full committee if they wish and we’ll have a vote on that But like any trial judge, you keep the witnesses till they are relevant. Nadler is totally out of his mind for saying this rubish, it’s been their plans all along and the will fail.

Then he said that the Adam Schiff the House Republicans wanted is not a relevant witness, that he didn’t witness any of the crimes allegedly Committed by president Trump.

Adam Schiff also said that Every procedure and every fairness has been given to the House Republican on the committee. “They have refused to use them. Again, they have declined the president has declined to call witnesses. They have declined an attorney to cross-examine which is unfair. This so called fairness is just another way to throw The Republicans off track.

The witnesses demanded by the House Republicans includes, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, the unknown whistle-blower, the person the whistle-blower talked to, Belly ohr, hunter Biden, also the intelligence community employee who Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman did not identify during his hearing.

When Nadler was asked if he has given the Republicans opportunity to present their own witnesses, he said, No, we said they will have the opportunity to call witnesses. They had to give me a list of witnesses. The list of witnesses they gave, they asked me to call, I said no to because they are irrelevant. They could appeal to the full committee if they wish and we’ll have a vote on that.

They have had adequate time. These documents which are basically the report of the Intelligence Committee were given to them as soon as we received it but the report contains nothing new. They had their own people on the Intelligence Committee and they were there and the American people saw the public hearings and the Republicans were present at the closed depositions.

6 thoughts on “Schiff is irrelevant? – SEE WHAT NADLER JUST SAID ABOUT SCHIFF TESTIFYING

  1. Nadler and Adam Schiff – Face is trying get that big lump sum money George Soros has offered remove Trump from office

  2. I wish you would hire a literate proof reader to screen all the syntax and grammatical errors your posts always contain. It’s really difficult to understand what your attempting to communicate.

  3. How and why are they getting away with this? dems are making their own rules up. And the Republicans once again is following whatever they say instead of I don’t know making a stand for the USA. Nadle’ Schiff and all the other crooked son of a guns need to be out of the white House. how do we the people get them gone. our tax money was not intended for their circus and to constantly harass our beloved president. look how many great things he’s did for us
    while they put the USA in Jeopardy by putting all of our business out there for the world to see that’s what Democrats are doing they got to go they are not for the people they are for their self and our pockets only and don’t even care what happens to the grandkids and great-grandkids what kind of people are these..? Trump 2020 KAG WWG1WGA

  4. FOR THE PURISTS NOT ABLE TO READ THE MEANING OF WORDS AND INTENTS, whatever the syntax, use your corrector or translator for a better english. We are lucky to know what everybody think, whatever the language use. Thank you folks. Gerry

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