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Nigel Farage Delivers Knockout Punch At EU Election Rally In London

Today’s the day that traditional politics, the established parties and their establishment representatives, could get a good old kicking.

It’s EU election day and one poll for YouGov put the Brexit Party on 37%, the Lib Dems second on 19%, Labour on 13%, the Greens on 12% and the Tories down at 7%.

British politicians have made this country an international laughing stock.

We’ve been led by a woman who appears to be allergic to human contact, the leader of the opposition wears silly hats, thinks Diane Abbot is a force for good, as is the IRA, and has had more positions than the Karma Sutra when it comes to Brexit.

Watch Nigel Farage Deliver Knockout Punch At EU Election Rally In London


One thought on “Nigel Farage Delivers Knockout Punch At EU Election Rally In London

  1. Nigel ‘s speech is refreshing he is right we should of left the European Union on March 29.2019. The Question is why are we still in it when we voted to come out. why is Theresa May still delaying when she said she is standing for the people. David Cameron did wrong to go after he lost the vote Because he thought he knew it all, he was very childish to do that..

    The Labour Leader Jeremy Corbin and Prime Minister May are old hats. This County needs refreshing as they don’t speak truth. They need to be transparent to the nation they do a lot of undercover nonscence.

    England is a Good country to live it just needs good leadership to steer us in the right Direction and the only way it can be lead that way is Seeking Very God who created the Universe seek his counsel and he will leads us the right way forward, as man does not know his future, only God.
    Palm 14. The Bible Says only a fool says in his heart there is no God. That is why there is so much chaos in our nation’s.

    I pray Nigel Farage will win the European Election.

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