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Boom! Leaked WhatsApp Messages reveals Brexit Party is Taking it all

Tories are warning of a complete wipe-out – with leaked WhatsApp messages revealing they fear losing ALL of their seats.

North West MEP Sajjad Karmin said the party would “live to regret” taking part in the polls.

He went on: “We will be annihilated, the Conservative party will be annihilated. It was pretty much a case of sending in the foot soldiers and then the generals abandoned the battlefield.

“It was quite clear those that were supposed to be backing us up on the battlefield all abandoned as well, and the candidates were all left there looking for where the next round of bullets was going to come from.”

Others continued to call for Mrs May to go.

Loyalist Sir David Evennett tweeted this morning: “Theresa May must now resign. We need a new PM a new Cabinet and a new approach to Brexit.”

But Tory Peer Lord Heseltine hit out at Brexiteers today, saying they were a “destructive force” in British politics.

The 86-year-old, who earlier this week had the whip suspended for saying he was going to vote Lib Dem today, insisted he would not quit the party and would “stay and fight”.

He wrote in the Evening Standard: “Some of those who are now attempting to take control of our party are not real Conservatives at all but a destructive force damaging to both my party and our country.”

Pro-EU groups such as the Greens and Lib Dems are also set for a small boost too in today’s polls as they sweep up votes from Brits who are fed up with Brexit.

They want to stop Brexit altogether with another referendum, but have been failing to gather enough support for it.

We won’t know the results until late on Sunday, with some coming in on Monday

Seventy three MEPs will be elected to represent the UK – using a complex form of proportional representation called the D’Hondt system.

It is different to the first-past-the-post system used in UK general elections, which sees MPs selected based on which candidate secures the most votes in a constituency.

In D’Hondt, voters rank their preferred candidates and an average is taken to determine the winners.

England is split into nine regions: South East England has 10 MEPs, London and North West England each have eight, East of England and the West Midlands each have seven.

Yorkshire and the Humber and South West England have six each, the East Midlands has five and North East England has three.

Scotland has six MEPs, Wales four and Northern Ireland three.

If we leave in the next few months, they might not even take up their seats.

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  1. What Lord Heseltine fails to understand is that it’s not the Brexit Party that is the proble, but members of the political so called elite like him that do not align with the majority of people. And we want change. Want does he not understand!

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