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“EU Won’t change one Dot or comma”- FARAGE Blast May’s Deal

Nigel Farage has destroyed Tory leadership candidates who claim they could renegotiate a better Brexit deal than the one tabled by Theresa May, saying it is ‘absolute rubbish’ to think the EU would change even ‘one dot or comma’.

Triumphant Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage launched a round of media appearances on both sides of the Atlantic last night to capitalise on his European election successes.

He turned his guns on Jeremy Hunt after the Foreign Secretary said No Deal would be ‘political suicide’, comments which sparked a toxic row among leadership wannabes. 

Mr Farage, who appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show in the US and on his own LBC show from Brussels, dismissed suggestions that a new deal could be thrashed-out before Britain’s departure day of October 31.

‘Every single person here in the European Commission, and leading groups in the European Parliament, will not change by one dot or comma that withdrawal agreement,’ Mr Farage said.

The Brexit Party leader took aim specifically at Jeremy Hunt, one of 11 candidates to have launched a bid for the Conservative crown, who said a no-deal outcome would be “political suicide”.
Speaking on his LBC show from Brussels, Mr Farage mocked the Foreign Secretary’s claim he will “change” the withdrawal agreement and branded his pledge “absolute rubbish”.

Mr Farage said: “Every single person here in the European Commission, and leading groups in the European Parliament, will not change by one dot or comma that withdrawal agreement.
Mr Hunt had warned that a PM intent on pursuing No Deal would be brought down by Parliament, prompting an election which the Tories could lose.

But rival camps accused Mr Hunt of a U-turn after he previously argued the country would ‘flourish and prosper’ after Brexit even without a negotiated agreement.

On Fox News last night, Mr Farage vowed: ‘If we do not leave the European Union on October 31, I will lead the Brexit Party after that into the next general election and we will sweep away parties that have dominated British politics for over 100 years.’

Earlier Mr Farage waded directly into the Tory race during his LBC show, which he hosted from Brussels where Mrs May was meeting EU leaders.
After declaring victory in the early hours of Monday Mr Farage had demanded that his victorious party be allowed to take part in talks with Brussels.

Speaking about Mr Hunt today he said: ‘He’s also pledging to create a new UK negotiating team – I wonder where he got that idea from?
‘That’s going to include some new members of the Conservative party and the DUP, but absolutely no mention of course of the offer I made on behalf of the Brexit Party.

‘I just don’t think that Jeremy Hunt and others in Westminster have listened and understood the implications for their party of what happened to them on Sunday night.’

Speaking to one listener who called to blast the Tories, Mr Farage said: ‘I’m going to invite Jeremy Hunt to come into the studio one Sunday morning. We’ll get him to take some calls and get him to understand what the mood of people like you is.’

In a round of interviews yesterday, Mr Hunt said the Conservatives would be committing ‘political suicide’ if they tried to force a No Deal Brexit.

He said a PM intent on forcing No Deal would be brought down by Parliament. That could force a general election which Mr Hunt said could put Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street.
‘I think we have to be careful about saying we will definitely leave the EU on a fixed date – deal or no deal,’ he said.

‘The risk of that is Parliament might try to stop a No Deal Brexit, as they have done, and we would be pushed into a general election.’

Mr Hunt said it was important to ‘find a different way to get a deal’, adding ‘we have to have a go at this’. He added: ‘The only solution to the extremely difficult situation we’re in – and I don’t want to pretend that there’s an easy way through this – is to change the Withdrawal Agreement.’

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