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Letter to Nigel Farage! Farage has been Challenged

Mr Fergus Wilson – whose buy to let portfolio in the south east of England at one time ran to around 1,000 properties – has written a letter to Farage, whose new party has so far given no indication of its views on anything other than the principle of leaving the EU.
Wilson’s letter reads:

Dear Nigel,

Congratulations on your re-election as a MEP. I rather suspect the Brexit Party will be contesting the next General Election and would be grateful for your frankness as to the supply of housing.
It is clear from today’s announcement regarding the lack of money for old people and social care that HMG has no money to provide housing.
The Government is very heavily dependant on Private Sector Landlords (PSLs) providing houses to be rented. However, at the same time it is driving away potential landlords and existing landlords by its Punitive Tax Measures.
No Private Sector Landlord then no Private Sector Housing!
About 18% of British adults own a Private Sector Rented house. In those houses there is a Private Sector Tenant! That is 36% of the electorate.
As I am sure you are aware, very many PSLs voted for Brexit because of HMG tax regime.
If the Brexit Party is swept into power at the next General Election will it restore Landlord Tax to the previous Headline Rate and put Capital Gains Tax (CGT) down to a flat 10% for everyone?
Yours sincerely,
Fergus Wilson

Farage said in the aftermath of his party’s European Elections success that if the new Prime Minister had failed to take Britain out of the EU by the latest deadline of October 31, the Brexit Party would stand at a future General Election.

But there is no reference to any policies beyond Brexit on the party’s website, but there is an invitation for people interested in becoming a party candidate at a future general election.

Farage has himself stood for the Westminster Parliament on seven occasions, all unsuccessful and on one occasion attracting only 1.7 per cent of the vote.

Fergus Wilson and his wife Judith bought their first buy to let property in 1991 and say they have provided homes for about 10,000 tenants since that time.

• I will vote for Farage as I am sure many others will. I have always felt he puts Britian first.
The Torie party is a complete mess and I would not trust any candidate currently after May’s job. Labour communist party the country and its people will be doomed. We might as all give up work if they get in. In fact I would very much like to see Farage as PM.

• I would be interested to find out the views of the Conservative candidates towards housing and whether they would continue with Hammond as Chancellor. I know John Redwood thinks the attacks on landlords are a mistake as he writes it in his blog so hopefully he isn’t the only one in the Conservative party who is of this opinion.

Algave A.
• Policies? Who needs policies? Much easier to rabble rouse, sow division and offer incredibly simplistic solutions to complex, nuanced problems.
He says Brexit must be delivered, but what does that even mean? Should it be delivered at all costs with a crash out, incredibly harmful no deal just because the people (well, 51.9% of those who actually voted) said it should happen?

And what are his plans post-Brexit, on workers rights, the environment, trade, the economy, services, citizens rights (both for EU nationals here and British nationals living in Europe), health, security, etc, etc? How are the various science projects and initiatives that rely on EU funding going to be funded? How are places like Cornwall, Wales, the North West and seaside towns going to be supported given they all receive high levels of EU funding? What about the Irish border? What will our immigration policy be? How long will it take to create new trade deals with the EU and the rest of the world? How will the trade deal be better than the one we have now? What will happen to farmers, who rely heavily on EU grants and subsidies?

How long will we trade on WTO rules for? Will we keep the same regulations, food standards and health and safety rules as the EU or turn to chlorinated chicken from the US instead?

These are the questions that need answering, but of course you won’t hear Farage or any of the arch Brexiteers coming up with any solutions. They just shout loudly from the sidelines. Where did Farage disappear to once Brexit had happened? Oh, that’s right, he was lording it up with Trump and hosting his own talk-in show.

Farage doesn’t give a monkey’s about anyone other than Farage. He’s like Boris in that respect. Only in it for himself and his own eg. The fact that so many people – including posters on these very pages – have fallen for his posh snake-oil salesman act is immensely depressing. Nigel ‘Dulwich College alumni, city stockbroker, part of the establishment for years’ is so far from being a man of the people it’s not even funny. A charlatan, a serial liar and an expenses cheat to boot – yes, he’s definitely the man to run our country!
John McKay.
What??? You think we should vote Tory??? After the betrayal of their core voters and a list of 23 changes to the sector in the last 4 years? Not all are bad and not all are significant but enough of them are to ensure that I and many more people will never vote for them again.

None of the mainstream parties support the PRS but there are landlords working with Farage right now on forming a housing policy.

You stick with your lefty Conservative party if you wish but don’t expect others that have been disgusted with these faux Tories to do the same.
Retired Agent.
it’s too early to start asking NF about national issues until Brexit is resolved. They are an EU party at the moment and not until there’s a general election will you be able to see if the Brexit party has enough of a mandate to govern either independently or in a coalition with probably the Conservatives!
There’s enough support for the Brexit Party so don’t knock NF if he’s reaching the parts other politicians can’t reach.

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