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GENERAL ELECTION POLL RESULTS: Reveals Brexit Party in Hot pursuit

A voting intentions survey of how Britains might vote in the upcoming general election was set to show the major Uk political parties in joint third place – behind the pro-Remain Lib Dems and Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party. Sir Vince Cable’s Liberal Democrats are predicted to gain 24 per cent tjie should be their best showing for many years, according to YouGov latest voting intentions survey.

Nigel Farage’s Brexit is Close behind with 22 per cent, and it has only been in existence for just six weeks.
Mr Corbyn increased Labour’s Brexit woes last night as he said a second referendum was ‘some way off’.
While Speaking in Dublin, he resisted pressure to start the campaign for a public vote.

Mr Corbyn said that the only way to break the deadlock would be a general election or a second referendum after negotiating a softer Brexit deal.
And Mr Corbyn would not say definitively that remaining in the EU would be on the ballot paper in a public vote.

He said: ‘We don’t back a rerun of 2016. That happened. That is gone. If Parliament comes to an agreement, then it’s reasonable, and if Parliament wishes it, there should be a public vote on it but that is some way off.’

The Labour leader is under pressure from John McDonnell and Diane Abbott to back a second vote. But others on the Left oppose it.
But the Conservatives party and Labour Party are expected to be tied on an unprecedented 19 per cent. The Liberal Democrats came second in last week’s European Parliament elections after attracting the support of hundreds of thousands of Remain-supporting Labour voters angry at their party’s stubborn stance on a second Brexit referendum.

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party came top, punishing Theresa May’s party for failing to deliver Britain’s departure from the EU.

Its apparently strong showing in the YouGov poll indicates that millions of people would also consider voting for them at Westminster.
Voting intentions survey for the Times shows the depth of the crisis the main parties face in the wake of the deadlock over Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

The news came as the head of the Confederation of British Industry – a key Remain cheerleader during the referendum debate – wrote to all 11 Conservative leadership candidates urging them not to leave the EU without a deal.
Labour party was in retreat last night for its expulsion of Alastair Campbell after it was revealed that Cherie Blair also voted Liberal Democrat in last week’s elections.

The wife of the former prime minister told friends she was ‘appalled’ by the party’s ejection of the former No 10 communications director, sources revealed.

She is said to have broken ranks unlike her husband, Tony Blair, who said earlier this week he had voted Labour party ‘without any enthusiasm’. Mrs Blair is one of the latest high-profile figures to have gone public to say they voted tactically in order to shift Jeremy Corbyn off the fence on Brexit
It was revealed last night that up to 30 Labour party peers did not vote for the party in the recent European elections.

And yesterday Baroness Boothroyd, the former Labour MP and Commons Speaker, revealed she had not voted Labour for the first time in her life. She said expelling Mr Campbell was ‘daft and insensitive’. Yesterday Baroness Chakrabarti, the shadow attorney general, revealed Mr Campbell’s expulsion was under review.

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