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Farage Vs Twitter: Farage Wipe The Floor with Twitter TROLLs

In a very special  exclusive video for The Sun Online, which he dubbed “Nigel versus Twitter” he took the challenge of replying annoying and insane Tweets about him.
“This is the one medium where people can be really beastly!” Farage said jokingly
One Disrespectful Tweeter said Farage looked like a “smug, white, Kermit the frog”.
And another rude one added: “He’s probably the only person in the world who loves the sound of his own voice more than Piers Morgan does…”
“That’s quite a contest!” Mr Farage replied with smiles
Nigel Farage ignored jokes about looking like a dog and about his recent milkshake incident too!
Click the video bellow for the full clip.


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