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POLL! Is MPs Using cocaine Qualified for PRIME MINISTER?

Majority of the public believe that if you admit that you previously took cocaine or any other hard drugs, you should be disqualified from being an MP, says a survey that will be a blow to Michael Gove’s hopes of weathering the storm over his drug revelation.r

Recent research suggests that even if Mr Gove manages to persuade MPs to back him for Prime Minister and allow him to put his case to the membership, he faces a potential attack from the Conservative public. 

Resent research shows that majority of Conservative voters 67% believe it is unacceptable for someone who has taken cocaine to be an MP, compared with 48% of Labour voters and 53% of Liberal democrats
Cannabis was the only drug where more members of the public agreed it was acceptable to be an MP and previously have taken it than those who thought it was unacceptable.

Just under 31% said it was not acceptable to have previously taken cannabis and be an MP, compared with 43% who thought it was acceptable.

Only Rory Stewart’s admission of taking opium faces a potentially more negative reaction than Mr Gove’s admission. Almost two-thirds of the public (64 per cent) believed previously taking heroin disqualified someone from being an MP, rising to 74 per cent of Conservative voters.

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