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POLL RESULTS: Could Nigel Farage ever Be Prime Minister?

Ever Since the Brexit Party was launched by Nigel Farage on the 12th of April, the party has redefined British politics and hopes to keep up that momentum.
But does Nigel Farage really stand a chance of becoming the next British prime Minister?

Before the European elections on the 23rd of May, Nigel Farage claimed that more than 100,000 people had signed up to support his new party.
“lots of people are flocking to campaign rallies each day, some early in the mornings on weekdays and are giving Farage a celebrity welcome wherever he goes,”

Mr Farage’s Brexit Party made good on the polls and dominated the Euro elections, winning 32% of the vote and 29 seats in the European Parliament, the largest number that any British party has attained.

Later on, Nigel Farage promised to field 650 candidates to stand for Westminster office in the next general election if the country does not leave the European Union by 31 October.

Bookmakers shortened their odds on Farage becoming PM to 50/1, better than some of the Tory MPs vying to replace Theresa May.

But the sure thing is, “If the deadlock over the EU continues at Westminster, the Brexit Party will continue to prosper… Holding the balance of power in the event of a snap election would be a dream come true for Nigel Farage and an unthinkable prospect a matter of months ago.”

Nigel Farage himself fell short in South Thanet in the 2015 election, his seventh unsuccessful attempt to win a seat in Westminster.

Not withstanding , the Brexit Party surged into first place in an Observer poll last week. Its support increased by two points to 26% in the Opinium survey, published on 1 June, with Labour on 22%, the Tories on 17% and the Lib Dems on 16%.

Judging by recent surveys, the result would leave Farage 20 seats short of a majority, with 306 MPs. The Conservatives would be reduced to 26 MPs, suggesting they could be the minor party in a coalition with Farage,” says the newspaper.

But Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party was put to the test in real life last week at the Peterborough by-election and failed to beat Labour, showing that in a first-past-the-post system, it is going to have to fight tooth and nail for every seat.

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