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Epic Nigel Farage Rip conservative party MEP to SHREDS (see Why)

Mr Nigel Farage reached out to his LBC radio listeners to help him understand the closing sentences used by Matt Hancock in his leadership pitch.

Mr Farage said he was “suffering” and “struggling” to understand what Hancock said, mr Nigel Farage said jokingly that he lacked the necessary command of the English language to comprehend. He said: “I need your help. I am suffering, I am struggling here with the lack of knowledge of the English language. This is what Matt Hancock said earlier today and I want one of you to please tell me what he meant.”

Mr Nigel Farage on LBC then played a clip from Mr Hancock’s speech in London on Monday afternoon.

Matt Hancock said: “I offer an emotionally-charged platform to improve lives that is rooted, rooted in objective fact.”

After the recording, Mr Farage started laughing and said: “Please somebody, please text and tell me what he meant because I haven’t got a clue.”
In Mr Hancock’s leadership pitch, the Health Secretary said this would increase the pay of people on the living wage by £3,500 a year.

Mr Hancock is Currently a 100/1 outsider to take over from Theresa May as Tory leader, Mr Hancock outlined his plans at the launch of his leadership campaign in central London on Monday.

He also pledged to reduce taxes on working people “when we can afford it”, draw up a long-term plan for education, and proposed an insurance scheme so people did not have to sell their homes to pay for social care.

He said: “When we can afford it I will reduce tax on working people so they can keep more pounds in their pockets.
“For the lowest paid I will increase the national living wage to two-thirds of the median income, over £10 an hour, by the next general election in 2022.

Mr Hancock said that his plan will increase the pay of those on the national living wage by £3,500 a year. Matt Hancock also ruled out proroguing Parliament in order to ensure the UK leaves the EU on October 31.

Matt Hancock said no-deal would not get through the House of Commons and that his delivery plan was the “only credible plan” that could be passed by the house of Commons and the EU. He added: “Some have said ‘Stick with the current plan’, but the current plan has failed Woefully.
While “Others say ‘Let’s just run at no-deal’, but the brutal truth is we know that no-deal will not get through the House of Commons.

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