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Why Boris Johnson should fear Rory Stewart the silent killer!

Mr Rory Stewart started the prime Minister contest as an outsider but he managed soon managed secure the backing of 37 of his colleagues during the second round of voting, this is almost double the 19 votes he got in the first round.

The public eyes immediately turned to how Mr Stewart could secure more support from his colleagues as he tries to advance today when MPs vote for the third time.

The elimination of Dominic Raab from The race today means his 30 supporters are up for grabs but majority of them are expected to root for Boris Johnson given their similar approaches to Brexit Dream.

This implies Rory Stewart is likely to turn his attention to winning over the supporters of Michael Gove and Sajid Javid in order to keep his campaign on the right Track.

Mr Gove suffered a disappointing result in today’s ballot as he only managed get the support of just four more mps to win the support of 41 mps.
Mr Javid squeaked into the next round as he received the backing of 33 Tory MPs which is the minimum number needed to continue in the PM contest.

The Home Secretary’s position in the contest is the most precarious of the five remaining candidates and Mr Stewart is likely to target his supporters because of the speculations Mr Javid may pull out of the race.
Mr Stewart’s spokesperson said the massive increase in support from the first round to the second showed Rory Stewart could go ‘all the way’.

Jeremy Hunt came second again today with 46, but he failed to make much headway since last Tuesday, adding just three votes.

Boris Johnson increased his total vote from 114 to 126 as he further cemented his position as the prohibitive favourite.

But Boris Johnson showing in the vote was lower than some had forecast, increasing by just 12 despite a series of high-profile endorsements.

There have been claims some One Nation Tories are backing him in public, but voted for Mr Stewart in the secret ballot.
It was reported immediately after the results were announced that Mr Stewart had already sent text messages to the supporters of other candidates asking them to switch their allegiance.
Mr Rory Stewart also said he believed his campaign was on a knife-edge but he then streaked past the minimum 33 votes needed.

Rory Stewart said he had been happily surprised’ by the result but he still humbly insisted he was still the ‘underdog’ in the Prime Minister race, with her replacement due to be announced in the week starting July 22.

“Many of these MPs didn’t tell me they were going to vote for me, so I’ve been pleasantly surprised,” mr Stewart told reporters outside the BBC studios as he arrived to take part in a Tory leadership debate in which he reiterated his fight for a No Deal Brexit.

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