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Would Nigel Farage be a better conservative party leader?

A recently compiled YouGov survey of 892 Tory Party members conducted between the 11th and 14th of June and published this week that 46% would be happy with The Brexit Party leader taking charge of the Conservatives, with 40% expressing not be happy.

The results come as Nigel Farage said on Tuesday that a Tory-Brexit Party ticket “would win a massive, thumping majority” at the next General Election but will only happen if only conservative party likely winner Boris Johnson ditched the current EU deal and commit to a full, clean Brexit.

The Conservative party willingness to forgo Conservative tribalism was also revealed when the majority of poll respondents said they would rather prefer Brexit take place even if it caused the Conservative Party to be “destroyed”, while just 36% put party preservation above delivering on the EU referendum result.

This current poll also showed that the Conservative party are aware of the threat that The Brexit Party poses to themif the did deliver brexit, putting the Brexit party as a greater threat to the Tories than their traditional opposition the which is Jeremy Corbyn Labour party.

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