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Wow! Nigel Farage Brilliantly School reporter in EPIC interview

Nigel Farage in a recent interview covered the history of the Brexit Party and its future. Nigel Farage’s answers were quick, clear, polished, funny and engaging. Now, I have seen Nigel speak to audiences of supporters and he is a hugely powerful and persuasive orator. This was a different format, that involves questions and answers. But he remained engaging and compelling. So what did we learn?

Nigel Farage was asked if he would do a general election deal with Boris Johnson, and he confidently said Yes but his answer was subject to Boris having called one in order to get Brexit done. He was very scathing about both Boris and Rees-Mogg putting the interest of the Conservative Party ahead of the country by voting for Mrs May’s ‘worst deal in history’ Bill at the third time of asking. He does not trust politicians but would ‘do a deal with the devil in order to see that the brexit dream come through!

Nigel Farage also said he will do a deal with the US government. He ridiculed the civil service and Liam Fox, who feel unable to open negotiations until we’re out of the EU. So the Brexit Party are going to start them anyway and are sending a trade delegation to Washington this summer to get things under way. This may be upsetting for the mandarins, and in several answers it became clear that he will be seeking reforms to the senior civil service. Other reforms include the BBC, which Nigel Farage would want to see lose their licence fee and become a subscription service. Postal voting needs to be reviewed and I suspect the Electoral Commission will try to do better.
Nigel Farage was also asked about Jo Brand andother the milkshakes attack in Newcastle, he confirmed that the person who threw one over him was prosecuted. Asked if that was overkill, he made the point that physical assaults on people expressing a political view is the first step on the journey to the loss of freedom of speech. Moreover, he argued, how can politicians do their job if they can’t meet the electorate? Which is why he is gunning for Left-wing ‘comedians’ who seem not to understand the importance of this freedom, and the organisation that supports them, the British broadcasting cooperation.

The former Ukip leader was also asked if Marmite character, he would unite the nation, he took a couple of minutes unnecessarily and forcefully explaining that a less driven person would not have achieved what he has before pointing out that the unity would come from stability and increasing wealth. Challenged as to whether Brexit was a distraction from dealing with climate change, his answer started by being dismissive of Mrs May’s latest 2050 zero-carbon lunacy, before revealing that he had once voted the green party.

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