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Brexit Humiliated: German politician Bets money that UK will not leave by October

A well known German MEP said he would Stake money that Britain will not leave the European Union (EU) by the end of October and defended Britain’s participation in the EU elections later this month.

He told German radio station Bayern 2: “I would bet some money on the fact that the British will not be out at the end of October.

The MEP continued: “I would not bet all my money, but some money, that they will not be out at the end of October.
“If I look at what’s happening in London, then this deadlock will continue a while longer.”

Earlier this spring the UK was handed another Brexit extension in order for Mrs May’s Government to break the political deadlock that has seen her withdrawal agreement down voted by Parliament three times. But ahead of the UK’s new departure date of October 31, a prominent German MEP would “bet money” that Britain will not have left the bloc by the new deadline day.

Jo Lenien, a European politician representing the Social Democratic Party of Germany, said he is “not sure” if Britain will actually leave the EU this autumn.

He defended Britain’s participation in the forthcoming European elections on May 23, claiming the constitution of the EU would be left “in danger”.

He said: “We are prepared. Parliament is getting smaller, leaving us with just 705 deputies, instead of 751.

With this there’s room for one or two new members. Then the contracts do not have to be changed again.

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