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Epic: Nigel Farage Reveals Hidden SECRETS About his Best friend President Trump

Nigel Farage in a latest interview with daily Telegraph disclosed hidden secrets between him and President Donald Trump.

When asked about his relationship with the president he said, The way my relationship with the President works is he calls me, ‘will I meet him?’ You generally don’t find that. I don’t plan, I don’t publicise, he’s surrounded by people who are trying to profit off their relationship with him, and I want him to trust me, I want him to be somebody who we can talk to. And I’m not going to blab to the press, So that’s the point I’m making. I would never, ever, ever say what he’d say to me. But I do talk to him quite regularly. I was struck by the visit, I met him at Winfield House . . . and Woody Johnson [the US Ambassador to London] was there, and [Trump] was on Cloud Nine.


Everyone forgets this, his mother was a Scot, actually was a Scot, in many ways, until her dying day. She kept her accent, she regularly went back to the Western Isles; Trump as a young man went and spent lots of time in the Western Isles and he has strong affinity with that background. And his mum was a massive fan of the Queen, thought Queen Elizabeth II was an amazing woman. For Trump to have spent that time with the Queen, if you look at the photographs, clearly there was a bit of chemistry between the two of them, and he was just on top of the world.

And the other thing I want to say about the meeting, in the things we talked about, Tory leadership, or the European election results and what he thought about it, but what he was saying very, very clearly was, ‘Look, I am making this big offer to you on trade, you will get more out of it than we’re going to get out of it, but we don’t care, we want to help you, we want to help give you a way out, to make Brexit happen.’

And a trade deal with America involves no financial contribution, it involves no foreign court overseeing our nation, and it doesn’t involve regulation of the 90 per cent of our economy that is not involved in exports. And he realised, actually, if we just (stay) tied to the EU rules for years and say no to America and Australia and India and Canada, we literally must be mad. But when you’re with him, Chris, he is, he is just larger than life. I mean, he’s a quite extraordinary character. And the one thing that impresses people is he’s absolutely committed to delivering on the promises he made [to his national electorate] and he’s doing his damnedest to make sure those things are put in place; they will then judge him in the elections in November next year. And what a contrast that is to the so-called manifestos we get from Labour and the Conservative parties, who [make a promise] to get votes, and never even intend to carry it out. He’s a breath of fresh air.00l0000%

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