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Boris Johnson Shock Radio Host With This Epic Reply

Boris Johnson in a recent interview with Talk radio political editor Ross Kempsell, avoided certain questions, mainly regarding his domestic violence incident which lead to concerned neighbors calling police to his residence. as well as the photos that appeared after purporting to show the soon to be Prime Minister with partner Carrie Symonds, he also gave bizarre answers nobody expected to hear.

Boris Johnson was asked by Ross Kempsell what he liked to do in his spare time to relax. And looked like he began to regret the question as the ex-foreign secretary and sure favourite to be next British prime Minister insisted he enjoyed painting model buses built from wine crates with “passengers enjoying themselves” as a hobby.

Mr Boris Johnson said: “I like to paint, I like to make things. “I have a thing where I paint models, I make models of buses.”
“I make, I get old wooden crates right and I paint them and they have two, it is a box that’s been used to contain two wine bottles, it will have a dividing thing and I turn it into a bus.”

Responding to the headlines about an alleged domestic spat with girlfriend Carrie Symonds, he went on to insist he was a calm and collected guy.

Boris Johnson replied when asked what made him angry: “I think I’m a pretty even-tempered kind of guy, I don’t easily get angry.”

Miss Symonds London flat was filled with police after neighbours complained of a blazing row and claimed she was heard shouting “get off me” and “get out of my flat.

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