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Leaked Letter by Fake news BBC Accuse Farage of breaching MEP’S code of conduct

According to a recent report from Anti-Farage BBC Channel four news, The European Parliament Advisory Committee on the Conduct of Members has told EU President that Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage should face the “highest penalty” for a “serious breach” of their Code of Conduct, according to a leaked letter containing their recommendations.

BBC Channel 4 News claimed to have seen sections of a letter sent to President Antonio Tajani by the Parliament’s Advisory Committee on the Conduct of Members, which assesses alleged breaches of the rules and advises the President on possible action and punishment.

According to the content of the leaked letter, the committee states that it “considers that Mr Farage committed a serious breach of the Code of Conduct” and that it believes “the severity of Nigel Farage’s conduct would merit the highest penalty possible by the Parliament’s Rules of Procedure”.

The letter also show that the “Advisory Committee is particularly concerned that the
Actions of Mr Farage could cause damage to the integrity and reputation
Of the European Parliament”.

The Advisory Committee on the Conduct of Members was asked by the European Parliament president
to carry out an investigation into the Brexit Party leader’s conduct on
21 May, following the Channel 4 News report on 16 May.

The current rules of the European Parliament states that, the President of the European Parliament has the power to issue a reprimand, temporarily suspend MEPs from Parliament, and from collecting their daily allowance for up to 30 days.

The President can also stop an MEP from representing Parliament in certain circumstances for up to a year. The committee of Members of European Parliament acted following a British broadcasting corporation Channel 4 News investigation that revealed how Mr Farage’s lavish lifestyle was funded to the tune of £450,000 by Brexit donor Arron Banks’ companies in the year after the EU referendum.

The BBC report found that close to half a million pounds was
Spent bankrolling Mr Farage, including rent payments, funding security, a
Driver as well as flights and parties to launch “Brand Farage” in the United States of America.

Arron Banks is also under investigation by the National
Crime Agency over the source of funding for the Brexit campaign. But He
Denies any wrongdoing abd says he is legit.

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