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Is Nigel Farage the biggest Political Genius in Britain?

Brexit Party MEP Jonathan Bullock told talkRADIO host Mike Graham that Brexit Party has no reason to join forces with the Conservative party, because Boris Johnson insisted he would “absolutely not” work with Nigel Farage over Brexit.

He said “I’m not sure why we would want to damage our brand with Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party. The Conservative Party has failed to deliver Brexit,”
“Theresa May promised 108 times to leave on March the 29th and we didn’t and Boris is promising essentially the same thing for Halloween. Why should we believe him?”

The Brexit Party Member of European Parliament said the leadership frontrunner should swallow his pride and follow the Brexit Party’s “fresh approach” on leaving the EU if they really have the interest of Britain at heart.

Jonathan Bullock also said that “Boris Johnson should be absolutely saying the Brexit Party has got it right, and we’re going to follow what they are suggesting,” 

“The way to do it is by a managed no deal and then hopefully a free-trade deal following that with the EU, “We would be out and we would carry on trading, the world would go on, and everyone could get on with the rest of our lives.”

Bullock won a seat in European parliament in 2017, and he is now part of the elected Members of European Parliament in Brexit Party’s landslide victory earlier this year.

“the Conservative Party has itself to blame only for losing Tangible ground to the Brexit Party, I think it’s the Tories who have been damaging the Tory brand. We have been putting forward a fresh approach in terms of a great new number of people,” Mr Bullock said.

“I think Boris Johnson probably jealous of the Brexit party for a start because of our recent success. I think he’s probably slightly scared of Nigel Farage.”

Brexit Party MEP Mr Bullock insisted  Nigel Farage is “probably the biggest political genius of the last 20 years” and accused Boris Johnson of being “jealous” of the party’s success.

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