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Just in: Nigel Farage Finally has Boris Johnson in his POCKET!

The People’s Vote campaign has launched a new advertising campaign featuring an image of Boris Johnson in the pocket of Nigel Farage.The campaign is designed to highlight how Nigel Farage’s destructive no-deal agenda is driving the race to become the next prime mninister, with the front-runner Boris Johnson increasingly adopting the hard-line position of crashing our country out of the EU without a deal on 31 October.

A spokesperson for the People’s vote Campain has this to say:

“Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has got Boris Johnson in his pocket. Farage’s extremist vision of Brexit has been adopted by both candidates to become the next prime minister of our country, but it’s Boris Johnson, the front-runner, who is increasingly talking up the Farageist vision of a destructive No Deal, ‘Do or Die’.

“Mr Farage has failed seven times to be elected to parliament, so it’s completely undemocratic to allow him to dictate the direction of Brexit, the most important issue that has faced our country in generations. And it’s outrageous that only 160,000 Conservative members, representing just 0.25% of the population, many of whom voted for the Brexit Party at the European Elections, will be the only ones to get a say on where we go with Brexit.

“With Mr Johnson in Farage’s pocket, the only way to deliver a lasting and stable conclusion to the Brexit crisis is to let the public have the final say. That’s why the People’s Vote campaign has launched an all-out offensive with rallies and events across the entire UK through the summer and into the autumn, culminating in another huge march through central London on October 12. It’s time for the public to be heard.”

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