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We won’t bow To foreign anthem” – Nigel Farage Blast the EU

Brexit Party MEPs shocked the opening session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg by turning their backs on the EU anthem. The MEPs from Nigel Farage’s party kicked off their time at the European Parliament in dramatic fashion.

The 29 Brexiteer MEPs carried out the orchestrated move as soon as the Ode to Joy began to play.
European parliament’s president, Antonio Tajani, criticised the action saying: “It is a question of respect; it doesn’t mean that you necessarily share the views of the European Union. If you listen to the anthem of another country you rise to your feet.”
Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage’s party won 29 seats, compared to Labour’s 10 and the Tories’ four.
Since that heroic and exceptional landslide win, Farage’s Brexit party has topped a number of polls, and he has also announced plans to put up MPs in every Westminster seat.

Click video Bellow for Farage’s epic Reaction…. 

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