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Brexit Deadlock: Trouble as EU to Remain on Brexit Break

The European Commission is not getting excited about the news that Olly Robbins, UK prime minister’s chief Brexit negotiator, is in Brussels to renegotiate the political declaration on future EU-UK relations.

Asked about this at his regular briefing, Margaritis Schinas, the European Commission’s chief spokesman, said:

“We continue on our Brexit break. We will come out of the Brexit break if there is something happening in London. We will listen to Olly Robbins tomorrow”.
UK’s chief Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins is in Brussels today and tomorrow to debrief European Union officials on Theresa May’s cross-party talks.

Few minutes ago, a spokesman of the European Commission has confirmed the meetings.

Robbins will meet with EU’s Sabine Weyand, Brussels’ deputy chief negotiator, to discuss changes to the political declaration on the future relationship.

Theresa May’s negotiator wants to establish how long it would take both sides to change the current document. The talks come amid demands from Jeremy Corbyn to ensure any cross-party pact is reflected in the political declaration.

The trip of Mister Robbins to Brussels, however, doesn’t mean there is an outcome in Brexit talks between the Conservative Government and the Labour opposition.

Three months ago, Olly Robbins became the one thing a British civil servant must never be: the news.

The government’s most senior Brexit negotiator, the ultimate safe pair of hands, was overheard by an ITV journalist in a Brussels hotel bar contradicting Theresa May’s policy on at least three fronts.

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