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Could Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party Win a General Elections?

Whether you like them or not, it is impossible to ignore the remarkable political impact the Mr Farage’s Brexit Party is having, especially in regard to the Conservative party.

both the conservative party prospective Prime Ministers have said they will ensure the UK leaves the EU by Halloween, even risking a no-deal Brexit and a recession to do so, you know they have been well and truly destroyed by Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party team

Think about it, the Brexit Party is technically a private company with no members or manifesto, it is almost unbelievable they are so popular despite articulating no policies except “We want Brexit” and Mr Farage’s own desire to privatise the NHS.

But that is just the true power of a simple message – not only is it easy to remember, but voters can project their own policies onto the party.

Just look at the line-up of MEPs the Brexit Party boasts. They come from all different parties and backgrounds, though we know little about how and why they were selected.

Nigel Farage’s party protested on Tuesday, when Brexit MEPs joined hands and turned their back on the European Parliament as its anthem was played, shows how unified this group is compared to other parties rife with infighting.

Less I forget, to address the elephant in the room: the fact that Brexit Party MEPs constantly criticise the EU while at the same time happily taking their cool £80,000 salaries is very hypocritical, especially considering Mr Farage has a history of not turning up. At EU meetings.
The Brexit Party will likely fight a General Election. The Peterborough by-election was their statement of intent, giving Labour a run for their money and finishing comfortably in second.

But Ukip, even when they were at their peak with Farage as leader, always faltered at General Elections, so the Brexit Party would really have to pull it out of the bag to get more than a few seats. Having a manifesto next time around would certainly be a good start for them.

But it is interesting to see how the voter base of Eurosceptic parties has changed over the years.

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