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EPIC: Candace Owens EXPOSE Ocasio-Cortez Lies and hypocrisy with HARD FACTS!

Candace owens pointed out to AOC that she is worshipping thesame problems she refused the solutions to. If she really cared for the well being of those immigrants she wouldn’t have rejected the beddings and fundings which was provided for them.

She did that because she would rather demonize Trump than create a better environment for the children.

It’s about the Drama of it all. Certain people can’t see beyond their own creative crises. Without that they can’t survive. AOC is too deep in to be able to backstroke now, so she’ll just keep swimming into the deeper water until eventually the sharks eat her up.
Because what she does is the socialist way, they use government to approve laws that benefit them and the party and really don’t care what happens to their constituents.

Politicians like Alexandria Ocasio Cortex who are in favor of government programs, be it for fighting poverty, racism, unemployment, or whatever, does not want those things to actually end. Because if there is no poverty, racism or unemployment, etc the government program is no longer necessary.

Candace owens hits the nail on the head without fear or favour!

Kindly drop your comments below, do you think AOC really cares for the people?

2 thoughts on “EPIC: Candace Owens EXPOSE Ocasio-Cortez Lies and hypocrisy with HARD FACTS!

  1. AOE is a home for demonic minions who have been sent to stir up drama. She’s doing what she’s told.

  2. I don’t think she cares about the people at all. She is grand-standing her ideas only to,like Candace Owens said, demonize President Trump. Drama, drama, drama, ect……

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