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The Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch founder and former Justice Department prosecutor, Larry Flayman lodged a complaint requesting that the DHS examine Ilhan Omar and possibly remove her from the nation because of how her anti-Semitic comment has escalated .

The US former Justice Department prosecutor Submitted a complaint to the United States District Court requesting a mandamus letter to order the U.S. inquiry.
Home Land Security Department (DHS) of the Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s supposed immigration fraud and association with terrorist support groups was revealed on monday.

Yesterday evening When Klayman filed this complaint, he said that he wanted to force action on the issue:

“Rep. Ilhan Omar (and her colleague in the House, Rashida Tlaib, who just announced yesterday that she is getting a calming impression from the Holocaust) must be held responsible for their actions. Both are not only vehemently anti-Judeo-Christian, but they pose a danger to the well-being of all Americans who think in religious freedom and our Founding Fathers ‘ vision at large.

It’s saying that even the Trump DHS fears a simple investigation into Omar, for fear of being labeled as racist. All individuals in this country, regardless of race, gender, religion or color or creed, are equal under the law. The law must be implemented, and that is what my complaint is trying to do.”

Klayman’s motion comes after a string of anti-Semitic and anti-American comments made by Democratic Socialist Rep. Ilhan Omar .

In a recent speech, Omar downplayed the terrorist attacks of 9/11 as nothing more than “something” committed by “some people.” which many Americans didn’t take likely.


  1. I’m glad someone is doing what needs to be done to get rid of this person that has Congress and the media under her spell. She has done enough by dividing the country and it’s people, by using the race card, if you won’t take her side then you are a racist or a xenophobic and a Nazi who supports concicration camps that tares children from their parents. But she’s not alone in this endeavor, the other three known as the squad share her ideals of a perfect Utopia under a socialistic society, maybe we should look into their past to see if they have not committed any crimes.

  2. The woman for sure shouldn’t be in our country & for damn SHOULDN’T be in the cogress of our nation, she is very dangerous along with the rest of her rat pack.

  3. We all agree…..DEPORT then she can finally have a reason for her love for Al Queda. We despise her…she embraces them….and Israel gets to watch our love for God and Israel and she can live with her reprobate Somalia buddies. Amen

  4. I believe a full investigation should be done. Although Americans are very tolerant of other viewpoints,her obvious support for the very terrorist groups that we,America,are at war with,leaves little doubt about her loyalty to her oath of office. She cares nothing about the victims of terror,and supports its perpetrators. Fraud to enter the U.S. with the intention to bring het hateful war to the heart of America,is not akin. To her oath to defend and protect our constitution.

  5. This Muslim terrorist is a modern day living Trojan horse,she has committed so many crimes and she is not being held accountable ,just from the remarks she has said is enough to boot this hag,,and this racist crap has about worn it’s self out,i could care less about being called a racist it means nothing to me,

  6. I Would keep such a champion 40 years in jail give her hard job to make money and send her back to her dear Somalia. This person From Grace to disgrace. Hopefully in the Inferno she will learn how to civilizing her self.

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