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Any Naturalized United States of America Citizen violating their oath would be stripped of their Citizenship and sent back to their Native Country! Rep. Ilhan Omar is no exception.

Ilhan Omar is very dishonest it’s becoming apparent that she most likely defraud immigration inforcement and the IRS. I feel that deportation is a bit hasty. We should let get the full experience of our justice system. She deserves free three hot meals and a cot. PROSOCUTE AND PUNISH THIS ENEMY OF THE STATE! When we get done with her she will leave on her own.

A white house petition has been filed demanding Ilhan Omar be stripped of her Citizenship, we can only hope that all goes well at this point.

We as AMERICANS need to rise up and demand our government remove ALL congress and Senate seat holders who DO NOT stand by our country and our AMERICAN VALUES.

Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar should be immediately voted out of Congress and deported back to Somalia since she is highly ungrateful to the country that took her in and gave her refuge.

She is not only ungrateful, she is also arrogant and clueless, a person like her is really not needed In Congress Representating any region or state in America.



  1. Ilhan Omar is an agent of Hezbullah. Ilhan Omar has raised a lot of money for CARE, which is a front group for Hezbullah, a terrorist organization. Hezbullah is an enemy of both Isreal and the United States. If an American citizen gives aid and comfort to an enemy of our country, they need to be charged with treason and punished accordingly.

    1. Her real name is “Ilhan Nuur Said Elmi.” Her last name is NOT “Omar.” That’s the name she used when she entered the USA as a refugee, because her father (who was the chief propagandist for the dictator Muhammad Siad Barre) knew that they would recognize her name and refuse entry for them in the US. So they defrauded the government right from the start.

    2. I agree about her hatred for US and Israel. She hates everything US stands for. Plus what’s up with the marriages and fraud of $$. She does not represent our Congress nor her State. She is a TERRIORIST and possibly a threat to us later. She already told the Muslim things to do. She must go

    1. I totally agree with you Robbie, she should be stripped of her US citizenship & deported to her birth country Somalia.

  2. There is so much garbage on this page cluttering it up, I can’t figure out where to sign the petition. The person who wrote this article has miss-spelled words and I don’t think English is their natural language given some errors in grammar. Regardless, Omar needs to be held accountable as our laws require.

  3. Maybe when she gets home, wow how can anyone who is serving in our Senate home be not America? She can start her own Omarica. Ignorance is a terrible thing!

  4. What scare me most is this. How did someone that hates America and Americans so much get in a political position? Who voted her in? Is there that many haters in this country or her district? Is something in the water or air? We have to protect AMERICANS. Skid row are everywhere. Stop helping others and help our own. Get rid of the DEMOCRATIC COUP.

  5. Tell me there isn’t a (GOD) and he isn’t allah that they pray to five times a day so where is he? how come he doesn’t help her stay in this country and be a good little muslim???

  6. Omar has deceived the american people and being paid on top of it all. Send her back to her own country and let her try to deceive them.

  7. Considering the controversy over playing the immigration system with her father, her brother/husband? And her husband? It’s OBVIOUS she can’t be trusted. Also someone in the Democratic party must have been involved because she did violate laws to get into Congress. I sure hope DNA testing is done with BOTH husbands? Maybe a bit of incest was going on as well.(that is against the law still)

  8. She is an enemy of the USA and our people, it is very apparent what she have in mind for our Country so do what you know is right for we the people

  9. Don’t you think with all the evil verbage this hater Omar has said and home breaker, stolen $$, fake identity and more that she does not uphold our US morals as a congresswoman. She is illegal here in US. Deport her back to Somalia

  10. Her father was a traitor to their country when the left. How fitting we send them all back humaliated stripped of U.S. citizenship and deported. The whole family.

  11. Not only is she openly Anti-American , but her rhetoric is slowly gaining ground within the Dems..!!

    Lets deport her back to Somalia..

  12. She is racist and needs to go if she’s here illegally. At a min she should not be in Congress regardless of her immigration status!

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