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New White House petitions demand an Immediate Congressional Investigation Into Rep. Ilhan Omar

Finally there is now an ongoing petition on the White House site demanding an immediate investigation into ilhan Omar citizenship following the recent evidence found
We ask the President to initiate a Congressional investigation into Rep. Ilhan Omar’s background to determine if she should face expulsion from Congress.

Rep. Omar’s oath of loyalty to the United States of America is in serious doubt.
Omar made light of the September 11 terror attack by referring to the atrocity as “some people did something”.

Omar was recorded laughing about and making light of Islamic terrorism and the Al-Qaeda threat.

Omar refused to condemn the terrorist attack by a self-described Antifa member, who tried to firebomb an ICE facility in Washington State.

Omar also defended jihadists in her state who chose to join ISIS, saying they should get lighter punishments.

There are also severe allegations concerning the question of whether Omar married her own brother.

Omar was sworn into the United States of America Congress using a fake name, she really isn’t a member of The House. She should should be charged and arrested for for used a false identify to gain Federal Govt employment and any other charge(s) that apply.

The White House petition requires over 100,000 signatures by Aug. 14 to get a response from the Trump administration and has amassed 10,000 signatures at the time of this publication. This is the time to act.


10 thoughts on “New White House petitions demand an Immediate Congressional Investigation Into Rep. Ilhan Omar

    1. I hope they send this Muslim jihadist terrorist back to her shit hole country so she stops spying on our government…

  1. She proved theres no compatibility between the USA and islam.
    An islamist/muslim would say “there’s no compatibility between islam and the USA.

  2. I do not understand why she is here. She hates the USA, and I do think she should not be in the Congress. She should go back.

  3. Send her back home. She loves it there more then here.. We dont need her here causeing problem for American..she hates us..

  4. Its amazing…do they do background checks on these voted in people? Doesnt seem so, people that have regular jobs get back ground checked why don’t they? And why cant they get fired? This job forever thing like Pelosi needs to stop. When you watch this pack of women it doesnt feel like your in America for Gods sake.

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