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Bill & Hillary Clinton’s New Connections To Billionaire Sex Perv Jeffrey Epstein And their Motive for killing him Exposed

After billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein was exposed as a sex offender who seduced girls as young as 14, Bill Clinton seemed to walk away with his old friend. The Filthy Rich, Clinton and his Democratic presidential candidate wife, Hillary, may still have secret ties to the disgraced pervert. Says author James Patterson In his new book tell-all about the sordid scandal.

Bill Clinton, have been confirmed to have flown at least 11 times on 63-year-old Epstein’s private jet between 2001 and 2003, may no longer publicly associate with the felon, but he and Hillary are still close to Epstein’s ex-girlfriend and close confidante, Ghislaine Maxwell, according to reliable sources.

Maxwell who is the daughter of late British publisher Robert Maxwell, “still maintains her warm relationship with the Clintons,” said Patterson who claimed reliable sources told him.

Maxwell was a part of the Clintons daughter Chelsea’s wedding to Marc Mezvinsky in 2010.

Maxwell who is now 54 years old, has been accused of acting as a recruiter for Epstein, introducing him to young teens before he was caught in 2005. But despite the dozens of young alleged victims who spoke with police, Epstein only served just 13 months in prison on a single felony charge of solicitation of prostitution.

Alleged Epstein victim Virginia Roberts filed a civil lawsuit against Maxwell sometime in 2015, Virginia Robert claimed that the charity founder recruited her to have sex with Epstein in his Palm Beach, Florida mansion. Maxwell has since denied all allegations placed on her.

3 thoughts on “Bill & Hillary Clinton’s New Connections To Billionaire Sex Perv Jeffrey Epstein And their Motive for killing him Exposed

  1. What great honor they brought to our country and the American people.
    He should not be held above the law but be held accountable, We the American people demand it.

  2. The whole world is acting the same. Where are the conservatives when it comes to putting them in Gitmo for the rest of their disgusting lives and take every penny they received for Pay to Play and the selling of 20% of America’s Uranium. They whole left World-Wide are hypocrites and want a NEW WORLD ORDER that kills billions of White Christians. It’s called culling, and since the first time we realised that paedophiles run our world, we now see the corruption of everything decent and human. Their goals are to bring us to our knees and take over. Look at the top of the triangle…13 steps to the top…there is Rothschild, Rockefeeler, Soros, The Monarchy…and a few more unknown Billionairs and Trillionaires. The Queen owns every piece of land in the UK…yes even the house you bought…Rothschild owns 90% of the world banks, 90% of the worlds Media, Nearly every Government on the planet and also owns Hollywood…yes he does, and all of the stars…big names, are in his Elite Illuminati worshipping Lucifer….you could not make this up. I researched for 3 years solid and what I found was so bad, so utterly inhumane I cannot sleep at nights. You now have some of this knowledge..a tiny tiny piece of what is happening behind closed doors. These people are democrats and want their puppets in the White House and this is why the Dems are running scared, because the truth is coming out. Rothschild and Soros have much to answer for, as do all the rest. As for Prince Andrew…he’s a paedo, we’ll never know exactly what he did but he was involved and everyone knows it.

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