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Devin Nunes said Sunday that it was “sickening” that Committee Chairman Adam Schiff had obtained his phone records as part of the House’s impeachment inquiry. In his own words, “I think the whole thing is just sickening, but he did it to one of my current staff members and one of my former staff members who he doesn’t like.

Nunes who is a defender of President Donald Trump during the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry, said he will seek legal recourse after his phone records were released by the House Intel Committee he sits on, adding that the phone records do not match with what Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and House Democrats put in the public report. There was lots of fabricated details which is topical of Adams Schiff.

But the House Intelligence Committee Chairman has since denied subpoenaing Nunes’s phone records. Addressing pushback over him obtaining the records on Sunday, Adams Schiff told CBS’ Margaret Brennan “ that the blowback has only come from the far right.

The House Intelligence Committee voted to adopt a 300-page report on findings from its impeachment inquiry into Trump, claiming he misused his office and withheld military aid to Ukraine in exchange for investigations into a potential 2020 rival. Trump and Ukrainian officials, including the president of Ukraine President Zelensky, have denied the allegations. Which is just a cover up to save hos own heard.

Devin Nunes also told “Fox & Friends” that he believed he is the first member of Congress, and he believe my staff and former staff, are the first ones ever to have their phone records exposed like this.

Devin Nunes also said the release of the phone records raised questions of can just one member, because he doesn’t like someone, and he’s a political opponent of someone – can that member just subpoena records and then release just to embarrass, or to create a distraction, or to build whatever fantasy-land narrative that they continue to build? a question Adams Schiff need to answer.

Adams Schiff is just looking for easy ways to cripple the people fighting for the innocence of president Trump. The left have already failed, they have lost the battle, we are just waiting for the announcement.

He also told the papers that, Any questions about the fact that Members, congressional staff or journalists appear in call records released by the Committee should be directed at those individuals, who were in contact with individuals of investigative interest to the impeachment inquiry, he told the paper.



  1. Thank, Sr Devin Nunes for fighting this corruption and protect us against them, God bless you and help you. If God is with you. Who can be against?

  2. Devin please sue the crap out of this traitor useless piece of garbage he has been a royal pain in the but since I’ve known him i don’t know how he keeps getting elected. His own home in California has needed him for years he’s done nothing to help the homeless and we pay his wages. Please help the young lady who wants his job ….

  3. The Democrats have nothing on the president to impeach him for and this is ridiculous that they’re still even going on with this impeachment process when all of their own witnesses said President Trump did not commit any impeachable crimes at all yet this still goes on.

  4. The president has good honest intelligent people fighting for his credibility and integrity. I see him as a winner against such disastrous remarks of his character which is obviously misunderstood. I live in the West Coast now but I’m from the East Coast the majority of my life finding people to be entirely different and realizing people here don’t understand me or just take me wrong. I lose more friends here than I did on the West Coast. We are all different in different parts of the country where we’re from and brought up. Just because we don’t see things the same way doesn’t mean we’re bad or stupid, it just means we’re different because of the way we were brought up in that so called part of the country, nothing more. When in Rome! Some people don’t like Trump because of his demeanor they can’t understand. He’s really a great guy if you give him a chance which is no less than you would want for yourself.

  5. I’ve been an independent voter all my life, look for the best candidate and they get my vote. But honestly I can’t vote for any Democrats. And the real abuse of power comes from the Democratic side. Never in my life have I seen liars and despiteful children in Congress. It makes me sick that we’re paying these people to act like babies sorry dams this independent voter has just became a Republican.

  6. Good luck Nunes, may God help you bring down these criminals that think they’re above the law bring them down.

  7. Whoever wrote this article, your content is great. The information important but your spelling is atrocious ! Please Proof Read !
    It’s 2020 ! It’s easier than it’s ever been to write…

  8. Old Adam would have you arrested in a heart beat if it was reversed. Adam is a pathological lier and so is old Nadler and Nancy and Maxine. They actually think Congress belongs to them. I want all four of them arrested.

  9. Maybe that’s the only way to get something done. It seems like the justice department doesn’t want to do anything about the obvious corruption going on in Washington.

  10. Give him hell Senator Nunes. If Adam Schiff used his seat on the intelligence committee to spy on you and make public your phone records its hard telling who all he has been spying on. And I consider spying is when someone is getting all up in another person’s business without their permission or knowledge. He needs to be CENSORED and his security clearance stripped from him. He manipulates the intelligence department.for his own benefit . And he should go to prison.

  11. Shiffty Schiff is as crooked as they come. He lies it seems like Everytime he opens his mouth, abuse the power of his office for his own benefit and to get rich
    Pelosi is a bitter old drunk who can’t form a opinion of her own anymore
    While I’ve never agreed with pelosi politically she did use to follow her own mind which is to soggy to work anymore
    Other house Dems are just as bad but to many to name
    And they all suffer the same flaw in that they accuse Pres. Trump of exactly what they are doing right then!
    I just wish Barr and the justice department would do their damn job already and start charging people starting with bamma, billary, Biden, Schiff and pelosi and work their way down since all are guilty of sedition, rackateering, brides and way to many other actual crimes to list!
    Same old double standard of law though, criminal for us but ok for elites
    Welcome to America today!!!

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