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Based on the results of a recent Survey by the New York Times, the president of the United States of America is in a statistical tie with former Vice President Joe Biden and he is also ahead of Elizabeth Warren in the majority of battleground states, this is a prove that the impeachment saga is not having any tangible effect on president Trump and his 2020 ambition.

A Democratic party strategists acknowledged that the poll is TERRIFYING because it shows that President president Donald Trump is favourable with likely voters in states such as Michigan and North Carolina. And the margin between him and Biden favours him more in states like Wisconsin and Florida and Pennsylvania, this is a big problem for Democrats.

Joe Biden’s campaign starts has had showed that Biden have had a rough time on his campaign trail considering he suffers from embarrassing gaffes and misstatements almost every campaign event, which is why Democrats are beginning to push for Warren as the Democratic party flag bearer.

Well the thought of Biden wining president Trump in any state should be put aside, the rest of Democrats are just a jokers. That’s the major reason why Democrats in congress are in the basement plotting their evil plans to impeach Trump? They know for a fact that no one can beat able and capable President Trump, and the majority of Americans stand behind him. Can they pack a stadium like president Trump did recently? They can’t even pack a town hall.
Democrats are in serious predicament, president Trump is winning and he is winning big.

Donald Trump’s 2020 election victory is going to be by a land slide, it will be bigger than that of 2016. People are so tired of the dirty politics and corruption. Democrats have done nothing the last three years except resist and try to remove a duly elected and working president. The Democrats will lose in the house and the Senate.

Mr Biden has long been proposed to be the biggest challenge for president Trump among the potential 2020 nominees, and “establishment” Democrats have been preparing Biden’s coronation for quite some time now, it has been their plans all along.


  1. If you want your Freedom+Rights to Remain as they are Vote Republican
    If you want your children and Grandchildren Murdered at conceivement+Birth
    and you want Socialism Communism that they take Everything from you including your Life Then Vote Democrat!!!!
    once you do there is No RETURN!!!!!

    1. No Need to watch a fiction movie when it could happen in real life. I am talking about the WORST possible thing, I agree 100% with your deductions.

  2. All I know is; whoever is editing this trash needs to be taken out back and SHOT. The literacy of this article is deplorable. How about a couple cursory read-throughs before posting some illiterate trash like this?

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