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Why has The Democratic party ignored this bunch of political thugs? While it’s seen as no different than legalizing them. Are they so obsessed with regaining power that they’ll tolerate this? Apparently so. They need a strong dose of their own medicine.

On Saturday morning, President Trump used some of the strongest language yet in calling out the marauding menace of ANTIFA who continue to harass and beat free speech proponents with impunity.

With the Democrats and the entire media working frantically to expand the definition of domestic terrorism to theoretically include all opponents of open borders, unfettered immigration, and support of Trump, the real terrorists are those clad in black who have escalated their tactics to include attacks on federal ICE facilities in recent weeks.

But the media is highlighting Americans once again and to this day, not one influential Democrat has personally come forward to denounce ANTIFA’s violence and thuggery and don’t expect to hear it from any of them anytime soon.

With another round of disaster expected to explode in Portland, Oregon this weekend as the black-clad goons will take advantage of the Rose City’s implicit sanctioning of mob violence, the POTUS took to Twitter to send a shot whistling across ANTIFA and Mayor Ted Wheeler’s bow that he will be watching “very closely” and that this time there could be serious consequences.

That was after a mob of cowards stalked and attacked journalist Andy Ngo who was beaten and reportedly had cement shakes hurled at him in a despicable display of anti-Americanism that would be more commonplace in Germany during the early 1930s.

First of all, the democrats has became America’s most dangerous enemy . They want to destroy it, and open our doors to let in anyone including terrorist, MS-13 gang members. Illegals. These law breakers don’t come alone, they bring weapons, drugs, and diseases from all over the world to pass on to our children and us too. President Trump has been stabbed in the back since he took office.

Everyday it’s getting worse, they have done nothing but show their hatred towards Trump. That make me more proud of Trump and what he has accomplished. He has and he’s out there doing a fantastic job, only to be lied about and degraded by the media which i consider lower than whale crap. I’m voting for a great leader again, Donald John Trump.

There’s not one democrat I would ever vote for, cause basically their point of view is tedious and catastrophic

Any Attacks made on a federal buildings is terrorism. What are we waiting for to declare antifa domestic terrorists?


  1. Their conduct is criminal yet the police fail to do their jobs and arrest them. Political pressure to allow their criminal conduct. Declaring them a terrorist organization will stop politicians from order their police to stand down and will give Federal authorities the right to step in and do something!

    1. Mayor Ted Wheeler is also the Police commissioner, Ted has ordered the Police to stand down many times, then Ted allows antifa to wreak havoc in the streets! So please do not blame the Police, this Ted’s fault and only Ted’s fault! You wouldn’t believe the horrible moral at the PD! Many cops found jobs in cities where they are allowed to do the job they took an oath to do! Now there’s a real shortage in Portland, and nobody is applying to be a cop there! Thanks to the idiot Ted Wheeler! It’s embarrassing having a moron for mayor!

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